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Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
Academic Writing 1Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
American StudiesFaculty of ArtsWinter3Bc.English
British Literature 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
British StudiesFaculty of ArtsSummer3Bc.English
Chapters from American studies and literatureFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Chapters from British studies and literatureFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Cultural Geography of the USAFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.English
Development of Literary CriticismFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Didactics of English 1Faculty of ArtsSummer3Mgr.English
Didactics of English 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Discourse analysisFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
English Language 5 (B1/B2)Faculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
English Language 6(B2)Faculty of ArtsSummer6Bc.English
English grammar in discourse 1Faculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.English
English grammar in discourse 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Historical Grammar of the English LanguageFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.English
Intercultural project for primary and secondary schools:(international) students outreachFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer5Bc.English
Introduction to English StudiesFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
Introduction to corpus workFaculty of ArtsWinter / Summer4Bc.
Introduction to the study of literatureFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Language TypologyFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Lexicology and stylisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer4Bc.English
Literature and society 1Faculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
Literature and society 2Faculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Phonetics and PhonologyFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Practical Language 1AFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
Practical Language 1BFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
Practical Language 2AFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
Practical Language 2BFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
Practical Language 3AFaculty of ArtsWinter4Bc.English
PragmalinguisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from American LiteratureFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from British and/or American Literature 2Faculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from British and/or American Literature 3Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from British literatureFaculty of ArtsWinter4Mgr.English
Selected Chapters from literature 1Faculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Social and Cultural History of BritainFaculty of ArtsWinter5Bc.English
Social and Cultural History of the USAFaculty of ArtsSummer5Bc.English
SociolinguisticsFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Terminology in Context / Terminologie v kontextuFaculty of ArtsSummer5Mgr.English
Text LinguisticsFaculty of ArtsSummer4Mgr.English
Text LinguisticsFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English
Translation TheoriesFaculty of ArtsWinter5Mgr.English