UO involved in the Climate Walk project with the Wanderers of Changing Worlds

University of Ostrava has partnered with a student non-profit organisation Wanderers of Changing Worlds, Austria, in their ambitious Climate Walk project pursuing research, educational as well as artistic objectives. The project team aims to explore the impact climate change has on the environment in European regions and its reflection by the societies and local communities through walking and listening to people on the way. Their research walk starts at North Cape in Norway and runs down to Cabo da Roca in Portugal – with a stopover in Ostrava on the route.

The walking begins on June 5, 2022, many of the project activities, however, have been already launched, or are coming soon.

Inspired by the Climate Walk team endeavours, University of Ostrava has designed a series of webinars discussing the ways environmental issues are reflected and tackled in a variety of research fields – humanities, social work, sports sciences and healthy lifestyle research, or in pedagogy and education.

You are very welcome to join the first webinar in the row on April 15, 2021 at 17.00 with the academics and students of the Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Arts, UO. The language of communication is English.

Studying the Environment in/and the Humanities: US in the Spotlight

Petr Kopecký, Jan Beneš, Parisa Changizi, Karla Rohová (hosted by Petr Kopecký)
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Meeting ID: 932 2517 3461

With an eye to the rapidly growing field of environmental humanities, the webinar will offer diverse takes on the US environment from the perspective of the humanities. Both students and faculty of the English Department will briefly introduce the field of environmental humanities and especially ecocriticism. They will examine the ways Californian writers helped form environmental movements and formulate their principles. In a separate presentation, John Steinbeck's work will be scrutinized through ecocritical/ecofeminist lens. Last but not least, the webinar will highlight how environmental racism and justice feature in contemporary African American literature and Hollywood production set in Louisiana, a state ravaged by hurricanes and the petrochemical industry.

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The next webinar celebrates the Earth Day on April 22 from 17.00 opening an array of environmental topics in Czech literature and in classical literature. Hosted by Jan Malura, Professor of Czech literature at the Faculty of Arts, UO, the presentations and discussions will explore the contributions literary and cultural history can make to the contemporary environmental debate. The language of communication is Czech. You can watch the webinar on the YouTube channel of the University of Ostrava.

From mid-March on you can get connected to online lectures introducing the Climate Walk project, its methodology, and also a range of environmental aspects related to climate change. The lecture series is held by the University of Vienna and is open to anybody interested.

A new season of UO webinars opens in the Autumn term 2021 focussing on Social work and climate justice, Low-carb diet and exercise: health and sport performance perspectives, and Dialogue between generations in the regional context.

Updated: 14. 02. 2022