Financial Questions Answered

The Czech Republic in general and the city of Ostrava boasts one of the lowest costs of living compared to the rest of Europe.

Your lifestyle and financial management skills will ultimately determine how much you need per month to survive and thrive at the University of Ostrava, however, we recommend between 250 and 350 Euro per month to cover all major expenses (food, accommodation and transportation).

Please feel free to compare many lifestyle costs of your city and that of Ostrava here:

The cost of our student Halls of Residence is listed below in Czech crowns:

Type of accommodation Price of accommodation in CZK, incl. 15% VAT
  Month/bed Night/bed
Quadruple/4-bed room 2,000 100
Triple/3-bed room 2,250 100
Double/2-bed room2, 100
Single/1-bed room 2,800100
1 person in a triple room 3,000 100

Updated: 08. 02. 2019