Course title:Education in Nursing
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Department:Department of Nursing and Midwifery
Course code:UOM / EEDN
Semester:Winter / Summer
Level of study:
Format of study:Practical classes 10 [Hours/Semester]
Name of the lecturer:Mgr. Eva Janíková, Ph.D. (G)
ISCED F broad:Health and welfare
Annotation:Subject annotation: The subject is designed as practical. It is part of the complex of subjects dealing with nursing skills, teaching students how to carry out the educational interventions. It expands knowledge of didactics and practises their practical application in education of not only clients/patients and their family members, but also of nursing staff. Objectives: Students will understand the new expanded role of nurses in the education of clients/patients and their family members and will realize the importance of education for the involvement of the client/patient to health care. They will acquire knowledge about different teaching methods and their use in education in health care. They will learn the skills needed to create and implement an educational program. They will be able to evaluate the results achieved in their own educational activity.