Course title:Studio of video, multimedia, performance 8
Faculty:Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
Department:Department of Intermedia Studies
Course code:KIM / 2VMP8
Level of study:Mgr.
Format of study:Lecture 2 [Hours/Week], Practical classes 6 [Hours/Week]
Name of the lecturer:doc. Mgr. Jiří Surůvka (G); MgA. Barbora Mikudová
Language:Czech, English
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:This term aims to complete the introduction to forms of art in the public space from the last term. The student will be directed according to his/her individual dispositions to a greater specialization in this field. The content of the lectures will range from general familiarization with all genres´ possibilities and from sample theoretical texts to building author projects, including its text parts. Desired aim here is the ability to work in a complex frame, thinking through and presenting student´s artistic intention, the theoretical foundation of the project, being able to defend it, choose proper artistic means and form, implementation plan and, if necessary, setting up and managing a team for its implementation. The final phase is to conduct the project and its proper presentation. More detail insights into projects that require working with PC will be provided: sound art, light art, and mapping, including presenting and launching an interactive project on the network. The goal here is to complete a larger project.