Course title:Open Classes Master
Faculty:Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
Department:Department of Wind Instruments
Course code:KDN / 2OPCL
Semester:Winter / Summer
Level of study:Mgr.
Format of study:Lecture 9 [Hours/Semester]
Name of the lecturer:prof. Mgr. Igor Františák, Ph.D. (G); doc. MgA. Eva Dřízgová, Ph.D.; prof. Dušan Foltýn; doc. MgA. Alena Mazgajová, ArtD.; Mgr. Lukáš Michel, ArtD.; doc. MgA. Eliška Novotná
Language:Czech, English
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:The seminar titled Open Classes is common to all specialisations of the study programme Instrumentální hra (Instrumental Music), as well as to the study programme Zpěv (Vocal Music). Small-group seminars are concentrated into several blocks; specific dates will be confirmed in advance with the tutor and announced by the course coordinator at the beginning of the semester. The tutors invited to teach in Open Classes will be renowned performers (soloists, chamber musicians, orchestra leaders), teachers, and performance practice specialists. The aim of the course is to expose the students to current trends, performance practices, and theoretical discourses common in the international musical scene. The course is taught by distinguished performers (mainly from abroad) in the form of presentations and practical workshops, focused on a particular set of issues, depending on the tutor's expertise. Individual presentations and workshops will be recorded and made available as video tutorials through the faculty's e-learning system. Attention will be paid to practical application of knowledge of music history, issues of style, historical and contemporary performance practice, vocal/instrumental techniques, phrasing, articulation, etc.