Course title:Experimental Forms in Painting 2
Faculty:Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
Department:Department of Painting
Course code:KMB / 2EXP2
Level of study:Mgr.
Format of study:Practical classes 4 [Hours/Week]
Name of the lecturer:doc. MgA. František Kowolowski (G); MgA. Jiří Kuděla, Ph.D.
Language:Czech, English
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:The student continues in this term in getting familiar with experimenting in artistic creation and especially in painting. He/she is aware of the interface and importance of the experiment during the 20th century that can influence his/her own creation. They learn to distinguish the postmodern meanings of these aspects both in terms of content and aesthetics. He/she completes the process of experimentation with time, physicality, process, and material. Critical evaluation of his/her own earlier exploration of personal approach. This term is dedicated to an overall assessment of student´s experience so far. Emphasis is placed primarily on understanding meanings outside of the artistic realms in its widest range possible (politics, leisure time stratification, media, social networks, sound, duration, light, etc.). These experiences will help him/her deepen the chosen medium, find its limits, but also the advantages in expressive forms. Effort to incorporate these experiences into the medium of painting.