Course title:Studio of Photography 9
Faculty:Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
Department:Department of Intermedia Studies
Course code:KIM / 2AFO9
Level of study:Mgr.
Format of study:Lecture 2 [Hours/Week], Practical classes 6 [Hours/Week]
Name of the lecturer:Mgr. Michal Kalhous, Ph.D. (G); Mgr. Lukáš Bártl, Ph.D.
Language:Czech, English
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:Deeper awareness of the artistic research process of as a way of living the present, serving as the primal source of themes, the importance of deep understanding of the issue being looked at, searching for information and inspirational resources, on a look-out for exact details and framing of general contexts, understanding the research process as a way of constant self-education that is put to practice. The aim is to refine the topic of the final thesis and kick-starting it. Each student has the liberty of choosing his/her own theme, stipulating his/her own interests, authentic problems, based on unique sensitivity of an individual.