Course title:Digital Image in Painting 2
Faculty:Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
Department:Department of Painting
Course code:KMB / 1DGM2
Level of study:Bc.
Format of study:Lecture 1 [Hours/Week], Practical classes 1 [Hours/Week]
Name of the lecturer:MgA. Jiří Kuděla, Ph.D. (G); Ivo Sumec
Language:Czech, English
ISCED F broad: 
Annotation:The cycle of lectures and exercises combines theoretical and practical teaching. The student will learn the basics of the computer environment on various platforms and devices. DGM2 course aims at improving work with diverse types of bitmap and vector graphics editors and developing knowledge of digital data processing and distribution technology for print and non-print outputs. The student will get acquainted with the user interface and basics of InDesign when creating print outputs. The student engages in editing and manipulating the digital image particularly in painting in its contemporary artistic context. He/she will gain practical experience with pre-press preparation, printing, and other possibilities of digital image distribution. The aim is to master technological procedures for the creation and use of digital image and application in painting. Part of the assignment is to process a print output of a portfolio and catalogue with an emphasis on the photographic quality of reproductions. Computer image processing with an emphasis artistic application is proved on examples from history from the 1950s to the present.