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Applied Geography: Real Estate Market AnalysisFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Arctic GeopoliticsFaculty of ScienceSummer6English
Development and Transition in Southeast AsiaFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Economic DiplomacyFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.English
Economic GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Economic Geography 1 - SeminarFaculty of ScienceSummer2Bc.Czech
Ethnic problems of the Czech RepublicFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
GIS projectFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.English
Geographic information systemsFaculty of ScienceWinter5English
Geography of mobilityFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.English
Humanitarian Aid and Development CooperationFaculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.English
Hybrid threats and foreign interferenceFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Introduction into real estate development process and principlesFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.English
Japan in the Political Geography of East AsiaFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Limits of Development in China and IndiaFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
New Approaches in Cultural GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer8Mgr.English
Non-democratic regimesFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Political Geography of the CaucasusFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Political Geography of the Middle EastFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Politics of Ethnicity and NationalismFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Practical and Specialist English 5Faculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Practical and Specialist English 6Faculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.English
Practical and Specialist German 3Faculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.German
Practical and Specialist German 4Faculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.German
Quantitative Methods in Human GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.Czech,English
Theory and practice of local and regional developmentFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Urban GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English