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Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
Applied Informatics 2Faculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.English
Artificial IntelligenceFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Basics of SoftcomputingFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Computer architecture and the basics of operating systemsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
English Conversation on ICT Topics 1Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
English Conversation on ICT Topics 2Faculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
English in Informatics 3Faculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Logic for informaticsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Neural NetworksFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Object-Oriented Programming 1Faculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.Czech,English
Object-Oriented Programming 2Faculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.Czech,English
Operating SystemsFaculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.Czech,English
OracleFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Principles and Algorithms in Computer GraphicsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.Czech,English
Software EngineeringFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Techniques for testing and debugging of applicationsFaculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
Websites and redaction systemsFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English