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Implementation of the ecosystem services concept into future water management plans
Project IdSS07010080
Main solverMgr. Stanislav Ruman, Ph.D.
Period5/2024 - 12/2026
ProviderKatedra fyzické geografie a geoekologie, Program "Prostředí pro život"
AnotationThe main goal of the project is to modify the concept of ecosystem services for use in the conditions of water planning in the Czech Republic. The following sub-goals are aimed at its fulfillment: C1) Create a methodology for evaluating the quality of ecosystem services within water bodies, using a combination of freely available datasets and data owned by participating institutions; C2) Through the concept of ecosystem services, support the fulfillment of the objectives of the European Water Directive and the National Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change; C3) Express and present the value of selected, most frequently implemented water management measures through the value of ecosystem services; C4) Determining the priorities of the main groups of stakeholders