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News Archive

Health wisdom: Burning facts about sunscreen and why we need SPF protection year-round

We have all heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen during summer, but what about winter? In the article below, I will be debunking some common myths about the use of sunscreen during colder months and why it is important to protect yourself throughout the year.

International Exhibition Project Umgang

Our Faculty of Education is co-organizing an international exhibition Umgang in Košice.

The UO Doctoral School Continues This Academic Year

Click to read more about the UO Doctoral School which continues this year.

International Cooperation in the Shadow of Pandemic and War

Four years ago, the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava (UO) joined forces with partners from different continents. Although the extensive student and staff exchanges between Czechia, Canada, Vietnam and Ukraine were significantly disrupted by the pandemic and the war, the future is promising.

The UO opens the Jacques Rupnik study room. The world-famous political scientist himself has contributed with his book collection

A unique space suitable for studying, but also for educational and social events is located in the University Library building on Bráfova street. The study room also houses over 1500 books donated by the political scientist and historian Jacques Rupnik himself.

PHOTOREPORT: The Construction of the City Campus Černá Louka Nears its Final Stage

Expected to be completed on September 10 with the approval process starting in early July. Here is a small taste of what you can look forward to.

URBAN SOS: Let’s play a game! – The multiplier event at the Faculty of Social Studies

Ms Samira Shadid and Mr Jeroen Gradener from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam (Department of Social Work) visited the Faculty of Social Studies of University of Ostrava to introduce the URBAN SOS game to the staff members and students.

International Summer Academy of Chamber Music Ostrava 2022

June 21 – June 24, 2022

Our University takes you to the world of high diplomacy

Study at the Department of Human Geography and Regional Development includes diverse excursions. For example, the Erasmus students have now swapped their class in Ostrava for Prague and headed straight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Czernin Palace.

Sandra Charvátová, a Researcher of Cancer-Treating Cells

Since 2016, the 11th of February has been celebrated as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and its goal is to highlight the importance of women throughout the scientific world. At the same time, our university is celebrating its 30th birthday and on the occasion of both of these events we offer you an interview with one of its interesting members. Meet Sandra Charvátová, who connected her name with the University of Ostrava through science and research.

Associate Professor Pavel Hulva in the Nature Journal

The discovery of penicillin started a new era in the treatment of bacterial diseases. Yet, since that time, doctors have come across bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Ostrava is a well-balanced city. If you know what you are looking for, you will always find it

We asked a Turkish student who chose Ostrava as his destination for the Erasmus programme in 2018. This year he returned for an internship. He told us what the city enchanted him with, how he enjoyed the student life and he described the differences between studying here and in his country as well.

Molecular biologist Marek Eliáš receives a prestigious award

Annually the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic awards prizes in several areas. The prizes are awarded for exceptional projects related to engineering, physical sciences, medical and biological sciences, social sciences and humanities, and agricultural or biological environmental sciences. Nominees for the Award of the President of GA CR are proposed by several hundreds of scientists who evaluate projects that have financially been supported by the Grant Agency. The evaluators finally shortlisted 32 projects across the areas mentioned.

CSIRT OU has obtained TF-CSIRT accreditation

A few days ago, the CSIRT OU (University of Ostrava’s Computer Security Incident Response Team) obtained "Accredited" status from the international organization TF-CSIRT

Evaluation of Applications of the Internal Doctoral Grant Competition (DGC) in 2021

At the end of June, 2021, the evaluation of 26 grant applications submitted by UO PhD students within the internal Doctoral Grant Competition (DGC) has been successfully finished.

The University of Ostrava Opens Its Own Vaccination Centre

From August 16, 2021, the University of Ostrava opens its own vaccination centre thanks to the Faculty of Medicine. It will serve not only to employees and students but to the wide public as well, so to anyone who, from various reasons, has not been vaccinated against COVID-19 yet.

CSIRT OU staff expanded, and with a new rector regulation

On 23rd of June 2021, a new regulation 142/2021 for cyber security team of University of Ostrava, CSIRT OU, went into effect. It is an important step towards effectively dealing with cyber security threats which our university encounters on daily basis.

The University of Ostrava has ranked 2nd among Czech young universities

THE Young University Rankings 2021 compare young, up to 50 years old, international universities. Six universities from Czechia were included and the University of Ostrava (UO) has ranked 2nd among them in this prestigious ranking.

University of Ostrava Partners Info Day

The University of Ostrava would like to provide its partner universities with the opportunity to find out more about our university and its location. We have not been able to meet in person due to the ongoing pandemic and the connected cancellation of most of the conferences, however, this is not going to stop us.

UO involved in the Climate Walk project with the Wanderers of Changing Worlds

University of Ostrava has partnered with a student non-profit organisation Wanderers of Changing Worlds, Austria, in their ambitious Climate Walk project pursuing research, educational as well as artistic objectives.


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