Job Opportunities

VP2 (BFY) Researcher (junior/postdoc) 2 project LERCO


The Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava announces a job vacancy

  • VP2 (BFY) Researcher (junior/postdoc) 2 project LERCO

The open vacancy is announced within the framework of the Life Environment Research Center Ostrava (LERCO, reg. no. CZ.10.03.01/00/22_003/0000003), Research program 2 Biochemical and biophysical methods – part Biophysics.

Type of systemised position

  • Postdoc I

Expected start date

  • 1st of July, 2023 (or by agreement)

Estimated amount of work

  • 50% (or by agreement)

Contract of employment

  • Fixed-term contract (for the duration of LERCO project)

Wage conditions

  • According to the Internal Wage Regulations of UO

Language in which the selection process will be conducted

  • Czech or English

Qualifications and other requirements

  • Ph.D. in biophysics or related fields
  • Advanced knowledge of biophysical techniques in membrane biophysics and photosynthesis research, especially spectroscopic methods
  • Expertise in the non-bilayer lipids and non-lamellar lipid phases in biologic membranes, especially with a focus on plant thylakoid membranes
  • Publication activity and international cooperation in the given field of research
  • EU research level: R2 – Recognized
  • Advantage: skills in handling large data sets using scripting in appropriate software
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English
  • Prerequisites for the development of independent scientific-research activity

Job Description

  • Implementation of independent scientific activity focused on the study of structural-functional characteristics of membrane systems, particularly thylakoid membranes, and macromolecules
  • Development of experimental biophysical methods (especially methods of optical spectroscopy)
  • Publication of results obtained in the given field of research

List of Documents Required from the Applicant (in Czech or English)

Date, Method, Form, and Place for the Delivery of the Application and Required Documents from the Applicant

Application for the selection procedure containing all the required documents are to be sent electronically to the following address: .

Deadline for on-time applications

  • 12th June, 2023

The first round of the selection procedure will take place without the personal presence of the candidates by the assessment of the submitted materials by the selecion committee.

The Dean of the Faculty reserves the right to invite only selected candidates to a personal meeting and also the right not to select any candidate. The Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava may also shorten, cancel or repeat the selection procedure.


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