Job Opportunities

Assistant / Assistant Professor with a focus on the didactics of work and technical education for primary and pre-primary pedagogy

NOTICE: The validity of the information on this page has expired.

The Dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava has announced a job vacancy

  • Assistant / Assistant Professor with a focus on the didactics of work and technical education for primary and pre-primary pedagogy

Job Title

  • Assistant / Assistant Professor with a focus on the didactics of work and technical education for primary and pre-primary pedagogy
  • Type of systemised position: Assistant /Assistant Professor

Job Description

The assistant/assistant professor will provide instruction in bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes (including the supervision and critique of final theses) as well as participate in the development of these degree programmes. In case of approval by the scientific council of the faculty, the assistant professor will participate in the development of doctoral study programmes. The scope of direct teaching on a long-term average will generally be 14-16 /10-14 hours per week each semester (in the case of an exceptionally high involvement in research activities or faculty/UO management, the scope of direct teaching may decrease). The assistant professor will participate in creative activities, especially in independently managing complex research and development tasks, actively publishing in peer-reviewed journals and other forms of publication outputs under industry requirements and in accordance with the standards of creative activities at UO, actively participating in scientific conferences and professional meetings, and (in the case of artistic disciplines in the form of artistic activities which develop current trends on a national scale at minimum) presenting results of creative activities. Furthermore, the assistant professor will possess a third role at the university regarding the publication of creative activities in the administration associated with the activities performed and in the self-government of the university.

Specified Indication of the Applicant's International Research Profile

  • R1 – First stage / R2 – Recognised

Estimated Amount of Work

  • 0,3 or by appointment


  • PhD degree finished or just before finishing
  • Field of study: Pedagogy, or Technology of paper, textiles and natural materials
  • Excellent knowledge of the Czech language – level C2
  • English language competency, B2 level
  • EU research level: R2 Recognised
  • Active scientific and publishing activity in the field - an advantage
  • Prerequisites for the development of professional growth
  • Assumption of own creative work with materials

Expected Start Date

  • From November 1st, 2022, but may be subject to change.

Wage Conditions

  • According to the Internal Wage Regulations of UO

List of Documents Required from the Applicant

Date, Method, Form, and Place for the Delivery of the Application and Required Documents from the Applicant

The structured professional CV with an overview of publishing activities, motivational letter, evidence of education, and a signed consent form regarding the processing of personal data for the purposes of the selection procedure are to be sent to the following address: to: October 3th, 2022.

Language in Which the Selection Process Will Be Conducted

  • Czech

The first round of the selection procedure will take place without the personal presence of the candidates by the assessment of the submitted materials by the selection committee.

The Dean of the Faculty reserves the right to invite only selected candidates to a personal meeting and the right to also not select any candidate. The Dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava may also cancel or repeat the selection procedure.


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