The Doctor of Philosophy programme in Social Work

Degree programme: Social Work
Type of study: Doctoral study
Form of study: Combined (distance as well as day) study
Academic degree: Ph.D.
Language of instruction: English
Standard length of study: 4 years
Maximum length of study: 6 years
Faculty: Faculty of Social Studies


At present, scientific preparation in the degree programme of Social Work is only offered at two universities in the Czech Republic: at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno and at the Faculty of Social Studies of the University of Ostrava. The study programme focuses on the preparation of graduates who are capable of scientific investigation in Social Work. The aim of the study is to cultivate knowledge in doctoral degree students that is highly professionally specialised and at the same time usable in the various contexts of theoretical investigation as well as in applied research.

Graduate Profile:


A graduate

  • has extensive knowledge of issues falling within the scope of the field of study that is underpinned by the mastery of the latest professional literature both in domestic and international context;
  • has knowledge of scientific methodology and the basic principles used in the sciences of man and society, or as the case may be, knowledge of research approaches, strategies, methods and techniques in social science research;
  • has knowledge of the theories and methods which may be applied in the area of Social Work.

The graduate’s knowledge is interdisciplinary in nature – and contains knowledge from the area of social work theories and methods and furthermore sociology and social policies.


A graduate

  • has sound and comprehensive understanding of the abstract and complex issues related to current social problems;
  • is capable of viewing social work issues in a wider sociological, economic and political-science context;
  • is capable of applying scientific methodology and approaches used in the sciences of man and society to the area of Social Work, i.e. to solve scientific assignments independently, to design and implement basic as well as applied research in Social Work and to analyse and interpret acquired data.
  • knows how to draft and process an extensive piece of specialised scientific text;
  • is capable of: presenting the results of scientific research independently, holding a discussion in the field of Social Work at a scientific level, publishing the results of his/her scientific research activities and defending the outcomes of research before professional public;
  • is capable of co-operating with professionals from other scientific fields;
  • is capable of looking for non-routine solutions to problems in the social work area in a creative way and on the basis of own analysis;
  • is capable of applying theoretical concepts to the area of Social Work.

A graduate has qualities expected from an expert whose activity is specific also due to the fact that next to professional context, also the significant ethic dimension of the profession has to be respected.

Careers or professions a graduate may carry out:

  • scientific research workers in basic and applied research;
  • conceptual workers and analysts in public administration, self-administration and non-profit sector institutions and in institutions dealing with social issues at the local, national and international level;
  • teaching positions at universities, colleges and specialised higher education institutions offering social work studies.

Content of the entrance examination:

Personal presence at the entrance examination is not necessary. The Faculty Board will evaluate the project on the basis of a 10-15-page-long written text and the ruling on admission or non-admission will be sent to the candidate within 30 days from verification of the conditions for admission.

Dates and times of entrance examinations:

Personal presence at the entrance examination is not necessary. The Application for study and its compulsory attachments are to be sent by June 14, 2021 at the latest.

Conditions for Admission:

  1. The applicant has completed a Master’s degree university programme of studies in the field of Social Work; as the case may be, also a different field of study is admissible if the applicant manages to justify his/her choice by practice in the field;
  2. The applicant has submitted his/her Application for study within the stipulated deadline and paid the administrative fee for participation in the admission process (The deadline for submission of the application is June 14, 2021);
  3. Together with the application, the applicant has provided all of the required compulsory attachments within the stipulated deadline (The deadline for submission of the attachments to the Faculty of Social Studies of the University of Ostrava (FFS OU) is June 14, 2021) the required attachments being:

A. Project of the Doctoral Dissertation structured in the required manner and containing:

  • preliminary title of the Doctoral Dissertation,
  • brief description of the theoretical starting points,
  • description of the main research question or questions, the goals of the research,
  • a reflection on the possible approaches to the research, the research method and the research population and on the organisation of the research,
  • an overview of the basic literature which will provide starting points for the Doctoral Dissertation with emphasis placed on foreign language literature,

The topic of the Doctoral Dissertation must correspond with the main research orientation of FSS OU, or as the case may be with the European Research Institute for Social Work of the University of Ostrava (ERIS) and with the now ongoing research projects of FSS OU within the thematic framework of “Social work in between Privatisation and Public Responsibility”.

Preference will be given to project focusing on:

  • modernisation theories, the societies of education, modernisation at the level of a region or a city/town/municipality;
  • social aspects of sustainable development of cities and regions or the socio-spatial aspects of social exclusion (families with multiple problems, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the like);
  • social gerontological aspects of modernisation;
  • the repercussions of modernisation for social work (including the consequences of social services privatisation and the like)

B. Structured Curriculum Vitae with data about previous studies and practical professional experience

C. Authenticated copy of a document confirming successful and due completion of Master’s Degree studies

D. Authenticated copy of the Decision of Recognition of Previous Education - as stipulated in Foreign Transcripts in the section “Applicants to the University of Ostrava”. This service is provided by the Rectorate of the University of Ostrava. Any questions regarding the recognition process are to be submitted to .

Criteria for evaluation of the entrance examination:

The maximum score attainable by an applicant for a dissertation project presented at the entrance examination is 100 points. The minimum number of points required for passing the examination is 75.

The application and the obligatory attachments are to be sent no later than by June 14, 2021 to the following address:

  • Jana Kucharczyková
    Foreign Liaison
    Fakulta sociálních studií
    Českobratrská 16, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava, Czech Republic
    Telephone: +420 553 46 3207

The administrative fee for submission of an application amounts to CZK 560.
The annual fee for the studies amounts to 1500 EUR per year (in compliance with the Statutes of the University of Ostrava, Appendix no. 3 Fees related to study at the University of Ostrava, Article 3).

Updated: 08. 01. 2021