UO on the Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Teaching and Research

The University of Ostrava supports the use of tools with artificial intelligence elements as long as their use is in accordance with the principles of ethical and responsible behavior, i.e. the use of artificial intelligence that does not harm or disadvantage anyone and whose use is not concealed on purpose. The UO recommends ethical use of AI to improve and streamline the acquisition of knowledge and skills in education and research.

Correct usage of AI tools can further enhance the desired trend of shifting the focus of education towards competence-based learning.

The use of AI tools, however, does not remove any responsibility from authors of scientific or academic texts, theses and ideas. The outputs of AI tools are useful inputs for staff and students, but they are not the author’s output per se. AI is neither an official nor a secret co-author. Students and staff must approach outputs (especially of generative AI models) with a sufficient degree of critical thinking, judgement and responsibility for the use of their output. Using the output of AI directly is considered unethical. The UO will apply preventive pedagogical practices and subsequent control mechanisms to prevent this behavior. In doing so, the UO however does not want to create unnecessary barriers and concerns about the use of AI in line with ethical standards and good practice.

The use of AI in the field of fine arts has its own specifics. It is necessary to bear in mind that artistic activity is strongly dependent on abstraction and one’s own experiences, which cannot be replaced by generative models and the subsequent technique of creating a work of art.

It can be assumed that the conditions and recommendations given relating to the use of AI may change with the pace these tools are developing at. Therefore, the UO is creating a working group to address these issues and to actively educate staff and students to ensure that there are no undue concerns or failures to comply with ethical use through simple ignorance or lack of knowledge.

Artificial intelligence can be explored scientifically not only through the field of computer science, but the UO sees it as appropriate and desirable to address AI in any scientific field with inherent connections to its use or the consequences of its use, e.g. in psychology, ethics, sociology, pedagogy, biology or regional development.

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Updated: 03. 05. 2023