CSIRT OU staff expanded, and with a new rector regulation

On 23rd of June 2021, a new regulation 142/2021 for cyber security team of University of Ostrava, CSIRT OU, went into effect. It is an important step towards effectively dealing with cyber security threats which our university encounters on daily basis. The new regulation strengthens the position of CSIRT OU, more clearly defines its tasks, and it grants it wider options in coordinating solutions of cyber security incidents. CSIRT OU of course also maintains its role in education, research, and international cooperation.

Particularly the last-mentioned area should be substantially strengthened. We are planning to request accreditation of CSIRT OU by the TF-CSIRT organisation. Currently, CSIRT OU has a “Listed” status within it. Successful accreditation would move us forward, granting CSIRT OU access to a high-quality source of information, to share and use quality educational materials.

CSIRT OU was also expanded by new personal. CIT members joined, representing a link to a section with direct executive powers regarding the university IT systems and networks. It was further expanded by a Data Protection Officer and a cyber security manager. Cyber security manager is a new position warranted by the Cyber Security Law. Implementation of said law into our university systems is a high priority. RNDr. Matej Zuzčák, Ph.D., the founder of the project who is developing it from its inception, was again elected to be the head of CSIRT OU.

In case any user of the UO IT systems and network encounters a cyber security incident (eg. targeted phishing, attacking workstation with a virus, hijacking an account, attacking web pages, etc.) created an email contact at  where all email contacts from  are redirected.

Updated: 15. 07. 2021