Information about the partial renewal of teaching

Dear students,

we would like to inform you about new governmental measures which allow us to resume practical classes for selected cohorts of students from Monday April 26, 2021, and which set rules for face to face consultations and examinations on the premises. The participation in on-site activities is conditioned by obligatory testing of all students present, which needs to be realised every seven days.

The obligation to get tested every seven days holds good also for all students accommodated at Jan Opletal dormitories in Hladnov even if they do not attend any face-to-face classes.

All students – local as well as international – who have Czech public health insurance and European Union students who have got registered at the General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic (VZP, 111) after their arrival and received a confirmation of this registration with their health insurance number valid for their stay in the Czech Republic can be tested free of charge at the testing points of the Antigen testing centre affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine or at any other public testing centres (e.g. in the University Hospital in Poruba and elsewhere). All the testing centres will provide you with a certificate which needs to be presented at University and at the dormitories.

Details about faculty of medicine antigen testing points and dates together with the information on how to register for tests have been sent to your university email.

Non-EU students who are not holders of Czech public health insurance and are accommodated at Jan Opletal dormitories in Hladnov can get tested free of charge every Tuesday from 8.30 to 10.30 in University building G at Mlynska street 5. Whereas testing in public antigen testing centres is also possible for them, but will be charged, testing at the Medical Faculty antigen testing sites is not possible for students without Czech public health insurance or without the registration at VZP, 111.

The obligation to get tested every seven days and present the testing certificate on demand is relevant to students who:

  • study in the final year of a degree programme and will take part in on-site clinical and practical classes and practical placements from April 26;
  • study General Medicine or Health Studies degree programmes and will take part in on-site clinical and practical classes and practical placements from April 26;
  • are participating from April 26 in pedagogical practical placement in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, or other educational institutions;
  • will take part from April 26 in face to face examinations with more than two people present – regular as well as state final (graduate) examinations;
  • are accommodated at Jan Opletal dormitories in Hladnov, regardless of participating or not participating in face-to-face classes or examinations.

The obligation to get tested is waived for students who:

  • take part in one-to-one consultations or examinations;
  • work on the premises on a research or artistic task independently, on their own, in laboratories or in studios (if they are not at the same time University employees);
  • can certify that they have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days, are not quarantined, and do not manifest any symptoms of the disease (students present a medical certificate from a General Practitioner or the Regional Public Health Institution);
  • can certify that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and received the second shot (in the case of a double dose vaccine) or the first shot (in the case of one dose vaccine) no later than two weeks ago (students present the vaccination certificate).

The certificates on the negative test result (the COVID-19 recovery or vaccination) will be presented to the reception upon entering the University buildings or Jan Opletal dormitories, and to the teachers.

Dear students, we do understand how uncomfortable the situation is for you – we are all in the same boat, we are convinced, however, that we closer and closer to better times. Let’s keep fingers crossed for all of us to enjoy meeting each other soon again.

We wish you every success in the completion of the term and relaxing summer holidays.

Updated: 26. 04. 2021