Scholarship information for Belarusian students

NOTICE: The validity of the information on this page has expired.

The University of Ostrava has decided to support ten Belarusian students with a scholarship. The selected students will get 150,000 CZK in the academic year 2021/22. The scholarship will be paid on monthly basis (15,000 CZK/per month) during ten months from September 2021 to June 2022.

Instructions for Belarusian students:

  1. Choose from the Czech and English Degree Programmes (their list can be found below).
  2. Send the application (the deadline for all programmes in Czech is March 15, 2021). The deadline for applications to Degree Programmes in English varies according to the chosen programme.
  3. Send the filled-in application for the scholarship, CV with study results, a motivational letter in Czech or English (max of one page A4) and a copy of Diploma from your previous education. Send all the documents between March 15 and May 31, 2021 to the email address of Markéta Miková from the Centre for International Cooperation UO: .
  4. During May, the university management will choose ten students who will be supported with the scholarship. In order to obtain the scholarship, it is necessary to meet the admission conditions of the given programme. The university will then inform you about the next steps.

Study programmes offer:


Studying in all Czech Programmes is free of charge for all students. We recommend to have approximately a B1 level of the Czech language. To get improved in the Czech language the students can take part in some of our language courses (please see point no.3).

The offer of the Czech study programmes includes also the programme called Czech for Foreigners as a three-year Bachelor programme or a two-year follow-up Master programme.

The deadline for applications to the Czech for Foreigners programme is February 14, 2021, for all other Czech study programmes it is then March 15, 2021.


For students who have decided to study in English, we have decided to waive the tuition fee in the following programmes:

  • Mathematic (Bachelor, Master)
  • English Philology (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral)


For Belarusian students who want to improve in the Czech language, we offer the following paid courses:

Online Czech Language Course soubor pdf 0,55 MB

A three-month online course with the total scope of 50 lessons. The course costs 9,500 CZK and it is not supported by a scholarship. The registration has already started and we look forward to your applications.

Czech for foreignersa course

This two-semester course is designed as a preparatory course for the study at the public universities. The price of the course is 65,000 CZK and it is fully paid by the student. This course is not supported by the scholarship.

Czech Language Summer school

An online Czech language course for foreigners which takes 13 days (4 lessons/day) with many activities and a friendly atmosphere. The price of the course is 763 EUR. This is a paid course and it is not supported by the scholarship.

Markéta Miková (email: ) from the Centre for International Cooperation will be happy to provide more information and answer any questions.

Updated: 21. 04. 2021