Quality of Life: Success of Ostrava in the international survey

Ostrava ranks among the European cities with the most noticeable improvement when it comes to the quality of life. 66 % of the respondents said that the quality of life has improved in the city during the past five years which is the third best result out of all the surveyed cities.

The European Commission (EC) has recently published the results of a survey of 83 European cities investigating residents’ satisfaction with their quality of life and Ostrava was ranked very well.

What are the people especially satisfied with

The respondents from Ostrava were particularly satisfied with the public transport, health care, sports facilities and cultural life. They also consider housing in the city to be affordable. Ostrava is now working hard to expand the range of rental apartments in the attractive city centre locations. Local people said they were satisfied with the amount of greenery in Ostrava as well as with the on-line accessibility of public authorities. They also considered Ostrava to be a good place for seniors to live.

What are the people concerned about

As far as negatives are concerned, the citizens of Ostrava still see the air quality as a problem, despite the fact that recent years have seen major improvements in this area. People also said that finding a good job is problematic, however, most of the respondents were satisfied with their current job and financial situation.

Start-up opportunities

The current Start-up Blink ranking shows that Ostrava has by far the fastest-growing start-up ecosystem of any Czech city. Currently it is on the 385th place globally, however, its position has improved by 100 places comparing to 2019.

Future strategic goals

The City of Ostrava is still working on the goals set in its Strategic Development Plan. Some of them are for example – better air quality, more urban greenery, more successful innovative companies and attractive job offers and wider range of affordable housing.

Updated: 08. 01. 2021