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Smile! It's not only viruses that are contagious

In addition to volunteering, the University of Ostrava wants to spread some joy with other cities in the region. In the city centres it will remind people of the importance of a smile.

For several months, the students of the University of Ostrava have been actively helping in hospitals, social services and everywhere that the region calls them within the project #BOSMEPARTYJA. Now they want to spread the joy in half-empty city centres by the graphics created by a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

The university management has noticed that the city centre looks a bit forsaken as the students’ life and public were disappearing from the streets. The rector, Jan Lata, has though of another way how to help – by a smile. The project “Helping with a smile” has been launched and in cooperation with Barbora Hlavicová, a student of a Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, a series of graphics has been created with the motto: “A smile is contagious as well. Spread it with us!”

The large-format posters try to join art, history and humour that even the most optimistic people often lose at this moment. Their goal is to therefore catch the eyes of the passersbyes and remind them that a smile, as well as viruses, can be contagious.

Updated: 30. 11. 2020

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