The University of Ostrava among the best world universities for the first time

The University of Ostrava has been ranked among the 1500 best universities in the world. The ranking has been published at the U. S. News website – Best Global Universities Rankings 2021.

1500 ranked universities around the world and 593 of them in Europe. This year, the University of Ostrava has been included in the ranking compiled by the U. S. News media house and it has achieved a ninth place among the Czech universities. The first place in our country belongs almost traditionally to the Charles University. Overall, the UO has achieved the 1339th position.

The University of Ostrava has gained plus points especially in the category of regional research and development in which the university management have seen one of its main functions in the long term. Among other categories that have helped to the final score was the international cooperation with other universities.

On this website you can find the detailed evaluation of UO and here you can find the complete ranking.

“Even though we are not a university with hundred years of tradition and, probably, we cannot compete with the largest scientific institutions in the Czech Republic, I am glad that our strengths create an internationally renowned university, despite of our relatively short history. To be included in the world ranking proves that we are not only local, regional university and if we will keep doing the things our way and to the fullest, not only we are little by little creating our tradition but also more promising students anywhere in the world might notice us as they did in the U. S. News,” says UO Rector, Jan Lata.

Updated: 27. 11. 2020