The new Dean of the Faculty of Medicine is Rastislav Maďar

The epidemiologist Rastislav Maďar became the new Dean after being elected by the Academic Senate. His goal is to have a positive atmosphere at the faculty thanks to which it will be possible to solve the problems associated with the loss of accreditation.

On October 13, the Rector appointed the new Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Rastislav Maďar, for the following four-year term after election by the Academic Senate. He won even in the first round of the elections in which he got 10 out of 18 votes.

Immediately after the election, the Rector expressed his satisfaction with the result and said that he believes that Rastislav Maďar will be a great Dean: “I am very glad that a Dean who is not connected with the problems of the Faculty of Medicine in the past has been elected. Doc. Maďar is an experienced manager which he has proven repeatedly at various levels and will certainly be a good Dean. He has a difficult task ahead of him, to handle the challenging period of the Faculty of Medicine for which the unity will be now essential. I believe that the unity within the faculty and between the faculty and the university can be ensured thanks to Doc. Maďar.”

According to the new Dean, it is important to look at the things that can be changed and improved and not at the problems which the faculty faced in the past: “The atmosphere at the faculty is full of expectations. I would like to create a positive constructive atmosphere which will be the basis for a cooperation to keep our faculty and create other pillars on which it will be possible to build in the future. When else if not now, in this very important period of the faculty, everything negative should be put aside. We have to leave the past behind and focus together on our common goals.”

Updated: 29. 10. 2020