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The latest COVID-19 related news

24th March 2020

  • Nationwide quarantine has been approved prohibiting the free movement of people with exceptions for work and obtaining necessary goods. The quarantine went into effect March 16, midnight, and will last at least till April 1. However, people are still able to go for a walk into the nature or a park but it is important to stay isolated.

  • There are 1165 confirmed coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic. Two men (95-year-old and 45-year-old) have died, however these patients suffered from various ailments. Six people have cured from the coronavirus infection. There are no cases at the University of Ostrava.

  • According to the Czech government, the schools will be closed at least until the end of May. Students are supposed to continue in their studies using the online learning together with the tasks from their teachers.

  • The Czech Republic's tough preventative measures to stop spread of the virus may be relaxed somewhat in three weeks but the country's borders are likely to stay shut to most travel for months.

  • Closure of borders and travel restrictions. From March 16, the Czech Republic closes its borders. Czech and foreign nationals with permanent or long-term residence in the Czech Republic will not be allowed to leave the country and foreigners will not be able to enter the country (for 30 days from the Emergency State declaration on March 12). However, foreigners will be able to return to their home countries and also the Czech citizens and foreign nationals with permanent or long-term residence in the Czech Republic will be able to return to their homes in the Czech Republic.
    You can double-check the latest information and exceptions on the links below:
  • The restrictions for cross-border workers (so called pendlers) have got stricter. Currently, they are obliged to have a confirmation from their employer and newly also “cross-border worker booklet”. The Police of the Czech Republic will give a stamp both at the exit and the entry of the Czech territory into the booklet.

  • People are obliged to wear face mask in all public places. They can use even scarf or similar protection to cover their nose and mouth. This measure should help to limit the spread of the virus. People in the whole country started making the masks and many of them give the face masks to elderly people, hospitals and other places in need for free.

  • The Czech Republic is in the State of Emergency which was declared on March 12. All public events are banned, restaurants and stores are closed excepting the food stores, pharmacies and for example drugstores and pet stores. All public pools and gyms are closed as well. From 8 AM to 10 AM the food stores are opened only to elderly people 65+ years old.

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Updated: 24. 03. 2020

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