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ČAH 2018: University of Ostrava Won 9 Medals

Athletes from the University of Ostrava brought back a total of 9 medals from this year’s Czech Academic Games. Congratulations and many thanks for the great representation!

“This year’s team of the University of Ostrava was relatively humble when it comes to the number of athletes, but their effectiveness was excellent. Sixteen students won 9 medals and that’s a great success,” says Michal Sebera, head of sports representation of the University of Ostrava from the Human Motion Studies Department.

Jakub Solnický won the gold in squash; silver medals were awarded to Zuzana Bláhová (badminton), Zdeněk Vaněčka and Zuzana Tioková (swimming), Kamila Sikorová (table tennis – three times second position), and Michal Janíček (weightlifting), and Jan Malůš (swimming) won a bronze medal.

We would like to thank our athletes for the great representation of the University of Ostrava and we wish them a lot of success in their studies and careers. And if you excel in one of the sports and are interested in representing your alma mater, do not hesitate to sign up for next year’s Czech Academic Games with Michal Sebera.

Updated: 27. 09. 2018

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