English Language and Literature

Degree Programme: Philology

Faculty: Faculty of Arts

Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 3 years

Tuition fee: 1,500 Euros per year (42,000 CZK)

Form of Study: Full-time

Aims and Course Design

The English-language version of the degree subject “English Language and Literature” is aimed primarily at international students whose knowledge of Czech is insufficient to enable them to study in the Czech-language version. All the courses offered as part of the degree are taught in English, and communication with students (both at the department and faculty level) will likewise be in English.

The single-major Bachelor's degree “English Language and Literature” is designed to interconnect the theoretical component with the practical application of knowledge and skills; the aim is to equip graduates with an advanced level of language competence (CEFR level C1 – “proficient user”) and to ensure that they are able to work independently on tasks in the English language on the basis of the knowledge and skills acquired through their studies.

The block of compulsory courses is designed to develop students' integrated and balanced linguistic competence and expertise in all key areas of English studies: improving students' English-language communicative competence, offering them insight into the structure and systems of the English language, and developing a solid knowledge of the literatures and cultures of English-speaking countries.

In all the above-mentioned areas students are encouraged not only to acquire new knowledge, but primarily to analyze and creatively apply this knowledge. The block of semi-optional courses (i.e. a set of courses from which students can choose in order to make up a required number of credits) enables students to enhance their competence by acquiring specific knowledge of linguistic and cultural aspects of the field. The broad range of competencies, combined with the opportunity for students to develop and expand on specific areas of knowledge and skill sets, increase graduates' flexibility on the labour market.

Completion of the Bachelor's degree enables students to pursue two possible paths: to continue their studies in the “English Language and Literature” Master's degree, or to enter the labour market directly.

Graduate Profile and Career Opportunities

The key aim of the degree is to ensure that graduates are capable of using the English language at level C1 (“proficient user” according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR) and working independently on tasks in the English language, based on the knowledge and skills acquired through their studies. Graduates are proficient users of the English language (CEFR – level C1) in both spoken and written communication. Graduates are proficient in all aspects of modern English – pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and stylistics; they are able to engage in intercultural communication within various genres depending on the situational context. Graduates are aware of the history and development of modern British and American literature; they possess a good knowledge of the cultures of English-speaking countries, primarily the culture of the United Kingdom and the United States. Depending on their choice of special seminars, graduates may also be proficient in business correspondence or the terminology used in the tourist industry. Graduates are able to work with contemporary sources of new information and knowledge, using them effectively in practical applications and/or further education.


Minimum Credit Requirements: 180 ECTS
Language of Instruction: English

Compulsory courses (block status: A)Number of credits: 140
Course codeCourse nameCreditsTeaching periods
+ practical
+ seminar
Form of completion:
Ex = exam
Ot = other
Year, semester:
W = winter
S = summer
KAA/CZECHCzech life and institutions 60 + 15 + 0Ot1, W
KAA/DVBRSocial and cultural history of Great Britain42 + 0 + 0Ex1, W
KAA/FONPhonetics and phonology51 + 2 + 0Ex1, W
KAA/PCV1APractical language 1A40 + 0 + 2Ot1, W
KAA/PSAN1Writing skills 140 + 2 + 0Ot1, W
KAA/UVACIntroduction to English studies31 + 0 + 0Ot1, W
KAA/UVLCIntroduction to the study of literature31 + 0 +0Ot1, W
KCJ/CECI1Czech for foreigners 140 + 3 + 0Ot1, W
KAA/BLI1British literature 151 + 2 + 0Ex1, S
KAA/BRSBritish studies40 + 2 + 0Ex1, S
KAA/DUSAMSocial and cultural history of the USA42 + 0 + 0Ex1, S
KAA/FMOSYPhono-morpho-syntax51 + 2 + 0Ex1, S
KAA/PCV1BPractical language 1B50 + 0 + 2Ex1, S
KAA/PSAN2Writing skills 240 + 2 + 0Ot1, S
KCJ/CECI2Czech for foreigners24 0 + 3 + 0Zp1, S
KAA/AMSAmerican studies40 + 2 + 0Ex2, W
KAA/BLI2British literature 251 + 2 + 0Ex2, W
KAA/MORS1Morpho-syntax 151 + 2 + 0Ex2, W
KAA/PRC2APractical language 2A40 + 0 + 2Ot2, W
KAA/AMLT1American literature 151 + 2 + 0Ex2, S
KAA/HAKAHistory and culture of English-speaking countries40 + 2 + 0Ex2, S
KAA/MORS2Morpho-syntax 251 + 2 + 0Ex2, S
KAA/PRC2BPractical language 2B50 + 0 + 2Ex2, S
KAA/SKBP1Bachelor thesis seminar 130 + 2 + 0Ot2, S
KAA/AMLT2American literature 251 + 2 + 0Ex3, W
KAA/LEXIKLexicology51 + 1 + 0Ex3, W
KAA/PRC3APractical language 3A30 + 0 + 2Ot3, W
KAA/SKBP2Bachelor thesis seminar 230 + 2 + 0Ot3, W
KAA/SYNTXEnglish syntax51 + 2 + 0Ex3, W
KAA/PRC3BPractical language 3B50 + 0 + 2Ex3, S
KAA/SBJ1State final examination – English language and literature00 + 0 + 0State final examination3, S
KAA/SKBP3Bachelor thesis seminar 350 + 2 + 0Ot3, S
KAA/STYLStylistics51 + 1 + 0Ex3, S

Semi-optional courses (block status: B)Minimum of credits: 40
Course codeCourse nameCreditsTeaching periods
+ practical
+ seminar
Form of completion:
Ex = exam
Ot = other
Year, semester:
W = winter
S = summer
KAA/BACSPReading comprehension40 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/BAKONConversation 40 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/BAPCREnglish for tourism 50 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/BAPOSListening comprehension 40 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/BJHRYLanguage games 50 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/BKZACultural geography of the USA50 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/BKZBCultural geography of GB50 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/BUKOBusiness correspondence 40 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/ELTO1English drama group 140 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/ELTO2English drama group 240 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/ELTO3English drama group 340 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/ELTO4English drama group 440 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/ELTO5English drama group 540 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/ELTO6English drama group 640 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/KULTCultural seminar40 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/LINGLinguistic seminar40 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/NAZLAJewish American literature A50 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/NAZLBJewish American literature B50 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/NNDJ1Native languages and cultures of North America 150 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KAA/NNDJ2Native languages and cultures of North America 250 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KRO/FRAN1French 140 + 2 + 0OtW/S
KRO/FRAN2French 250 + 2 + 0ExW/S
KGE/NEMC1German 140 + 0 + 2OtW
KGE/NEMC2German 250 + 0 + 2ExS
KRS/SPA1Spanish 140 + 2 + 0OtW
KRS/SPA2Spanish 250 + 2 + 0ExS
KRU/RUST1Russian 140 + 2 + 0OtW
KRU/RUST2Russian 250 + 2 + 0ExS

Admissions Requirements

The entrance examination in English is a written examination; candidates must demonstrate a minimum input competence level of B2 (“independent user” according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The examination verifies candidates' linguistic competence, reading comprehension and knowledge of the culture, history and literature of English-speaking countries. Candidates are expected to possess an interest in the field of study and to be aware of the history and current situation of English-speaking countries.

Candidates may achieve a maximum of 100 points in the entrance examination. The number of questions and types of tasks in the examination may vary from year to year, but the total number of points (100) always remains the same.

Points are not deducted for incorrect answers. If a candidate chooses two or more answer options, one of which is incorrect, the answer as a whole will be deemed to be incorrect. All applicants must take the entrance examination. Points are not awarded for language examination certificates or in recognition of any other circumstances.

Content and Structure of the State Final Examination

The degree is completed with the successful completion of the state final examination and the defence of the student's Bachelor thesis. The Bachelor thesis is written in English and consists of 30–40 pages of main text. The format and other formal requirements for the Bachelor thesis are stipulated in the Rector's Directive no. 179/2012 governing the standardized format of university theses. The defence of the Bachelor thesis and the state final examination are conducted in English.

At the Bachelor thesis defence, students are expected to briefly present the content of their thesis and to provide reasoned answers to questions asked by members of the examination board, especially by the thesis supervisor and thesis reviewer (opponent).

The state final examination is conducted orally and consists of the following parts:

  1. linguistic part – comprehensive linguistic analysis of a text, through which students demonstrate their practical knowledge of linguistic disciplines studied during the three-year programme;
  2. cultural-historical part – this verifies students' knowledge of various periods in the history of Britain and the United States as well as their knowledge of life, culture and institutions in these and other English-speaking countries;
  3. literary part – students are required to demonstrate a knowledge of key developments in, and important representatives of, British and American literature. The examination also includes a discussion of selected works from the student's reading list, which must be submitted at the beginning of the examination (min. 50 works: 25 works of British literature and 25 works of American literature).

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