Information on the admissions procedure for the academic year 2019/2020 for the degree programme / subject General Medicine (full-time studies, tuition in English)

NOTICE: The validity of the information on this page has expired.

The admission procedure at the Faculty of Medicine will be announced due to the ongoing accreditation procedure for the academic year 2022/23 at the earliest.

Submission of applications and payment of fees

Electronic Application

  • Applicants must fill in and send the e-application and pay the application fee. Then they must print and sign the e-application and send it together with the other mandatory documents by post to the Study Office at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava (the address is given below).
  • Deadline for the submission of written / electronic applications to study:
    • 15th March 2019 (exam at Faculty of Medicine in Ostrava – June 2019)
  • Deadline for the submission of written applications to study in collaboration with Medical Doorway Limited:
    • Exam on 5th May 2019 = Deadline 28th April 2019
    • Exam on 5th July 2019 = Deadline 28th June 2019
  • Deadline for the submission of written applications to study in collaboration with AA Czech Studies Ltd.:
    • Exam on 11th July 2019 = Deadline 15 June 2019
    • Exam on 13th July 2019 = Deadline 20 June 2019
  • The administrative fee for the admissions procedure (the application fee) is set at 560 CZK (five hundred and sixty Czech Crowns) in compliance with the Dean's Measures No. 26 of the Faculty of Medicine University of Ostrava.
  • The University of Ostrava does not accept cash payments; the University only accepts payments by bank transfer (non-cash payments).
  • Applicants who have submitted a correctly completed application form and paid the application fee within the set deadline will receive an invitation to the entrance examination; the invitation will contain detailed information and instructions concerning organizational matters connected with the day of the entrance examination (i.e. precise details of the date, time and place of the examination, and other important information). The date/time specified in the applicant's application is binding and cannot be changed.
  • The application fee covers costs connected with the admissions procedure. If the applicant fails to attend the entrance examination, the fee is non-refundable.
  • If an error occurs with the payment (if the payment is not credited to the University's account), the applicant must pay the fee again in order that the fee is credited to the University's account no later than:
    • Exam June 2019 in Ostrava = Deadline 15th March 2019
    • Exam on 5th May 2019 = Deadline 28th April 2019
    • Exam on 5th July 2019 = Deadline 28th June 2019
    • Exam on 11th July 2019 = Deadline 15 June 2019
    • Exam on 13th July 2019 = Deadline 20 June 2019
  • If an applicant requests (in writing) the reimbursement of a payment made in error and if this request is granted, the University of Ostrava charges a cancellation fee of 100 CZK (one hundred Czech Crowns). The request for the reimbursement of a payment made in error must be submitted in written form, no later than one month after the deadline for receiving applications for the relevant degree programme/ subject; proof of payment must be enclosed with the request.
  • Each applicant must use the internet e-application system to check that the application fee has been credited to the University's account.
  • Applicants who pay the application fee abroad (outside the Czech Republic) must send proof of payment by post.

Bank account details for payment of the application fee:
Bank: ČNB Ostrava
Account number: 0000931761, bank code 0710
Payment type number (“Konstantní symbol”): 379
Payment reference number (“Variabilní symbol”): 111011
Transfer post office: 702 00 Ostrava 2
Information for payments from abroad:
IBAN: CZ65 0710 0000 0000 0093 1761


Applicants have the right to inspect all documents and materials that are of relevance to the decision on their admission. It is not permitted to make copies of these documents/materials. The inspection takes place at a location designated for this purpose and in the presence of an authorized employee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava. The date set for the inspection is 25th July 2019.

Conditions for admission to study or enrollment into the study:

  • The applicant must have completed secondary-level education, including the school-leaving examination (“maturita” or equivalent). Foreign nationals (non-citizens of the Czech Republic) – except for foreign nationals from Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and holders of the European Baccalaureate – must submit a certificate of nostrification (the official validation of their foreign educational certificate(s) by the relevant Czech authority) or under the terms agreed with the recruitment agency.
  • The applicant must correctly submit the application form and pay the application fee.
  • The applicant must submit all mandatory supporting documents (enclosures) accompanying the application or under the terms agreed with the recruitment agency.
  • The applicant must attend and complete the entrance examination for the degree programme/subject General Medicine.
  • In order to be admitted to study, the applicant must be ranked among the stipulated number of students selected for admission on the basis of the entrance examination (in descending order from the highest score attained in the entrance examination); the number of students admitted is also dependent upon the limited capacity of the degree programme/ subject.

Mandatory supporting documents (enclosures) accompanying the application:

  • Applicants who are provisionally admitted to study must send a certified copy of their secondary school completion certificate no later than the date stipulated in the letter of notification of provisional admission or under the terms agreed in the contract with the recruitment agency. If the applicant's documentation remains incomplete after the date stipulated in the letter of notification of provisional admission, the applicant will receive notification of non-admission due to failure to meet the conditions for admission.
    • Foreign nationals (non-citizens of the Czech Republic) must submit a certificate of nostrification (the official validation of their foreign educational certificate(s) by the relevant Czech authority).
    • Foreign nationals from Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and holders of the European Baccalaureate do not need to send a certificate of nostrification; these applicants must send the original or a certified copy of their secondary school completion certificate.
  • Applicants must submit a medical certificate issued by a general practitioner under Ministry of Health Directive 271/2012 Coll. (as currently valid) stating that the applicant is capable of studying the given degree programme/ subject and working in the given profession. This certificate must state expressly for which specific degree programme/ subject it is issued. A standard template for this medical certificate is available on the website of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava. The certificate must be submitted no later than 15th March 2019 or under the terms agreed in the contract with the recruitment agency. This certificate must be accompanied by its higher authentication (apostille, or superlegalization) unless the applicant′s country is exempt from that obligation by means of a mutual treaty with the Czech Republic. Certificates in languages other than Czech, Slovak, or English must be accompanied by an officially certified translation into Czech.
  • These mandatory supporting documents (enclosures) must be submitted so that the applicant is admitted to study. If an applicant fails to submit these documents, the applicant will not be admitted to study, and the results of the admissions procedure will be invalidated. No parts of the application, including the mandatory supporting documents (enclosures), will be returned to the applicants.

Other possibility:

  • For students who have already completed their High School Education.
    • Get copies of your A-levels or High School Diploma appropriately legalised by a solicitor in the country of origin e.g. UK for A-levels
  • For students who are in your final year of high school education we would:
    • Get a copy of  your education certificates by a definite date (i.e. GCSE taken at  the age of 16 ) notarised and a reference letter from the school stating final A-level results.
    • Once their High School certificates have been released (November for UK students) arrange for copies of these to be notarised and forwarded to the university.

Expected maximum number of applicants to be admitted: 30
Expected minimum number of applicants to be admitted: 10

This expected maximum number of applicants is not final; the final number depends on the number of applicants and the level of applicants' knowledge ascertained during the admissions procedure.

"In accordance with Section 24 (1) and Section 28 (1), Act No. 111/1998 Coll., the Higher Education Act, as amended, the Dean of a faculty is entitled to decide, even in the course of the admissions procedure, not to implement a study programme / field of study in a given academic year."

"Fields of study with less than 20 applicants will not move towards a further step of the admissions procedure – namely the entrance examination – and the administrative fee for the admissions procedure will be fully reimbursed to the applicants."

Information on the entrance examination:

  • When attending the entrance examination, applicants must prove their identity by means of a valid official photographic identity document.
  • The examination is in the form of a written knowledge test or written test by computer..
  • The content of the test will reflect the current standard secondary school curriculum requirements for the Czech Republic and will be based on the published topics (not solely on the recommended literature). Each question in the test will have only one answer which will be considered to be the most correct and adequate answer to the question; for the purposes of the test, this answer will be considered to be the only correct answer.
  • The content of the written test will cover topics from three sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Each written test will contain 30 questions on each of the three sciences listed above. Each correct answer will be awarded one point.
  • Evaluation criteria for the entrance examination: the maximum score that can be attained by an applicant is 90 points. The lower limit for passing the entrance examination is a total of 37 points; applicants must attain at least the required minimum score for each of the parts of the entrance examination.
  • For the purposes of the admissions procedure, applicants will be ranked in order according to the total number of points scored in all three parts of the written test.

Test – partsMinimum pointsMaximum points
Written test – physics1030
Written test – chemistry1230
Written test – biology1530
Total score3790

Date of the admissions procedure - exam: May, June, July 2019 (the precise date will be specified in the letter of invitation).

Applicants will be ranked in order according to the total number of attained points. If the number of successful applicants is higher than the maximum capacity, the highest-ranking applicants will be admitted. If an applicant requests a review of the admission decision, the Dean may take into account the applicant's other activities connected with the applicant's interest in studying the given degree programme / subject.


The applicant′s English language competence should be minimally B2 because the tuition is conducted in English.

We also recommend all applicants from countries outside the EU and the Schengen area to apply for their visas well in advance.

Further information:

As the tuition is conducted in the English language, the tuition fee is set at 8 500 Euros / year in compliance with the Dean's Measures No. 27 of the Faculty of Medicine University of Ostrava. Applicants will receive all information on payment specifications and further information on the day of enrollment. All other details related to the day of enrollment will be given in a letter sent to those applicants who will successfully pass the entrance examinations, take the place in the order of all applicants on a position equal to or higher than the maximum capacity for the degree program / subject, and will be proposed for admission.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava
Telephone: +420 553 46 1705, 1708


Updated: 14. 05. 2021