Irena Fialová

Academic degree, name, surname:Mgr. Irena Fialová, Ph.D.
Room, floor, building: G 406, Building G
Position:Deputy Head of Department, Educational Advisor
Research interests and teaching:
Department (Faculty): Department of Romance Studies (Faculty of Arts)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 1925
Personal website:

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6PJAKPráce s jazykovými korpusy
7FR3XFrancouzština 3 (A2)-F
7FR5XFrancouzština 5 (B1)-F
7LELELexicología y Lexicografía-S
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7SP4XŠpanělština 4 (A2/B1)-S
7SP5XŠpanělština 5 (B1)-S
7SP6XŠpanělština 6 (B1/B2)-S
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75SP1Španělština 1-S
75SP2Španělština 2-S
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8GRC2Gramatická cvičení 2-S
8LEXSLexikální cvičení ze španělštiny-S
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8PRO1Překlad odborného textu 1-S
8PRO2Překlad odborného textu 2-S
8PST1Práce s textem 1-S
8PST2Práce s textem 2-S
8PST3Práce s textem 3-S
8PTTRPráce s odborným textem 3-S
8SP3XŠpanělština 3 (A2)-S
8SP4XŠpanělština 4 (A2/B1)-S

AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Franková ZuzanaThe lexical abbreviation methods in the current SpanishMaster's thesis 2020 
Kaňoková DianaCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech, field: HumanitiesMaster's thesis 2020 
Praisová KateřinaCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech in Social ScienceMaster's thesis 2020 
Burová HanaCommented Translation of a Non-Literary Text from Spanish to Czech. Field: PsychologyMaster's thesis 2019 
Žebroková PavlaCommented translation from Spanish to Czech of a non-literary text of social sciences. Field: PoliticsMaster's thesis 2019 
Blažková KristýnaCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech (field: Medicine): TOBACCO, HEALTH, YOUTHMaster's thesis 2018 
Havlasová NikolaAppreciative Suffixes in the Language of FacebookMaster's thesis 2018 
Macková ValentýnaFiller words in the lenguage of FacebookMaster's thesis 2018 
Pavelková EvaCommented Translation of a Non-Literary Text from Spanish to Czech. Field: Social Science/Cultural StudiesMaster's thesis 2018 
Žambochová KláraCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech focused on the social science (field: Sustainable Tourism)Master's thesis 2018 
Čepelová EvaCommented translation from Spanish into Czech of a non- literary text about social / cultural sciences: POTENTIAL ECOTOURISM IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: DESIGN AND CREATION OF THE ECOROUTE MACORIXMaster's thesis 2017 
Demková MarcelaCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech field: social science: Psycopathy: criminological perspectivesMaster's thesis 2017 
Lukáš JakubThe Humour in the Language of FacebookMaster's thesis 2017 
Mezírková SilvieCommented translation of a non-literary text about Astronomy from Spanish to Czech. Astronomy: Present and PastMaster's thesis 2017 
Michelová VeronikaCorrect use of contemporary Spanish language and available tools for linguistic consultingMaster's thesis 2017 
Cycoňová LucieCommented traduction of a non-literary text from Spanish to Czech, field: social sciences. Contra el racismoMaster's thesis 2016 
Dohnalová BarboraCommented traduction of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech, field: social sciences (The Pain)Master's thesis 2016 
Hawliková DanaCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech (field: Psychology): THE BURNOUT SYNDROME. OVERVIEW AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONCEPTMaster's thesis 2016 
Škamradová VeronikaCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech, field: social science. Importancia de la musicoterapia en el área emocional del ser humano.Master's thesis 2016 
Vozňáková AlenaAnnotated traduction of a non-literary text from Spanish to Czech, field: social sciences. Meaning of gay marriage and its rejection.Master's thesis 2016 
Zelinková KláraAnnotated Translation of Non-literary Text of Social Sciences from Spanish into Czech: Mortalidad infantil. Un indicador para la gestión localMaster's thesis 2016 
Burianová MonikaCommented traduction of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech, field: social science: More than just a financial and economic crisis, an ethical crisisMaster's thesis 2015 
Černá AdélaCommented Translation of a Specialized Text from the Field of Social SciencesMaster's thesis 2015 
Domesová LenkaCommentated translation from Spanish to Czech of a text specialized in social sciences: The Third Sector and Social Economy, Theoretical framework and current situationMaster's thesis 2015 
Porubová RadkaCommented Translation of a Sociolinguistic Text from Spanish to Czech: Perdurará lo "hispano" en USA?Master's thesis 2015 
Slavíčková LenkaCommented translation of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech (field: linguistics), Anglicisms in contemporary SpanishMaster's thesis 2015 
Chovanová EvaCommented traduction of a non-literary text from Spanish into Czech, field: social sciencesMaster's thesis 2014 
Fonioková LenkaCommented traduction of a non-literary text from Spanish to Czech, field: social sciencesMaster's thesis 2014 
Gašperáková MonikaCommented translation of non-literary text from social sciencesMaster's thesis 2014 
Janková AndreaComented traduction of a non-literari text from Spanish into Czech, field: social scientesMaster's thesis 2014 
Vlastníková MagdaTranslation of a Sociolinguistic Text from Spanish into Czech with CommentaryMaster's thesis 2013 
Zormanová MichaelaCommented translation of a text focused on the sociology (from Spanish to Czech) CONFLICTOLOGY. COURSE OF CONFLICT RESOLUTIONMaster's thesis 2013 
Sirotný LukášManuel Rivas. An Analysis and Translation of his Short Stories.Master's thesis 2012 
Gažová PetraCulture of the Sephardic JewsBachelor's thesis  
Břusková BarboraForeign words in Spanish advertisingBachelor's thesis 2020 
Jahůdková AdélaThe Spanish-Czech environmental terminologyBachelor's thesis 2020 
Jančík AndrejUse of Initialism in Articles about PoliticsBachelor's thesis 2020 
Dudová MichaelaYouth Turism in SpainBachelor's thesis 2019 
Martiníková LucieThe current vocabulary usage in Spanish touristic textsBachelor's thesis 2019 
Vaculíková KateřinaThe Island of Gran Canaria as a Place of TourismBachelor's thesis 2019 
Holaň MarekTerminological glossary: FootballBachelor's thesis 2018 
Holotíková AlexandraThe use of foreign words in the magazines for adolescentsBachelor's thesis 2018 
Rybáriková HanaAnglicisms in the field of musicBachelor's thesis 2018 
Spanu AndreaIntensive prefixes in the language of the youngBachelor's thesis 2018 
Kielarová LucieLexical AndalucismsBachelor's thesis 2017 
Bakovková MichaelaGlossary of the institutions of the European UnionBachelor's thesis 2016 
Baranková TerezaThe Lower Area of VítkoviceBachelor's thesis 2016 
Chmielová MartinaValencian Community and Orange Blossom CoastBachelor's thesis 2016 
Franková ZuzanaColours in phraseological unitsBachelor's thesis 2016 
Žambochová KláraSocial Tourism for SeniorsBachelor's thesis 2016 
Havlasová NikolaNeologisms Formed by Prefixation in HeadlinesBachelor's thesis 2015 
Kodajová RenátaThe analysis of persuasive resources of Coca-Cola in the publicityBachelor's thesis 2015 
Ligačová JulieJewish monuments UNESCO in the Czech RepublicBachelor's thesis 2015 
Lukáš JakubToponyms in phraseological unitsBachelor's thesis 2015 
Macková Valentýna Glossary of Transportation TermsBachelor's thesis 2015 
Bystroňová LenkaThe Use of "Thou" and "You" in Spanish AdvertisingBachelor's thesis 2014 
Gore AdrianaRural tourismBachelor's thesis 2014 
Michelová VeronikaExpression of the FutureBachelor's thesis 2014 
Mikulenčák TomášConditional constructionsBachelor's thesis 2014 
Němcová DenisaSlogan in AdvertisingBachelor's thesis 2014 
Svoboda JanGlossary of Electrotechnical TerminologyBachelor's thesis 2014 
Adamcová MarkétaForeign Words in Music MagazinesBachelor's thesis 2013 
Danzerová LenkaAnthroponyms in phraseological unitsBachelor's thesis 2013 
Stavinoha MartinCommented Translation of a Specialized TextBachelor's thesis 2013 
Chovanová EvaNeologisms Formed by the Prefixes of IntensificationBachelor's thesis 2012 
Černá AdélaThe language of the lyrics: BebeBachelor's thesis 2012 
Göbelová GabrielaImproper InterjectionsBachelor's thesis 2012 
Kaniová KláraGlossary of metallurgic termonologyBachelor's thesis 2012 
Petrů NaděždaCommented translation of the non-literary text , fields of literary critic/ literary theoryBachelor's thesis 2012 
Pyšová LenkaAnglicisms in the lexical field - computer scienceBachelor's thesis 2012 
Stebnická NelaTypological definition of Spanish and word orderBachelor's thesis 2012 
Surmanová JanaProper InterjectionsBachelor's thesis 2012 
Wawrzaczová DarinaTerminological glossary: judoBachelor's thesis 2012 
Hradecká MonikaNumeral adjectives in Spanish phraseologyBachelor's thesis 2011 
Kohutová AdrianaThe interjections in the Spanish language textbooksBachelor's thesis 2011 
Konrádová LenkaCommented Translation of a Specialized TextBachelor's thesis 2011 
Kubala PetrAstronomical TerminologyBachelor's thesis 2011 
Čížová MonikaThe Position of Adjectives in the Language of TourismBachelor's thesis 2010 
Dudková KristýnaNeology and Neologisms in Fashion MagazinesBachelor's thesis 2010 
Huszár JanLexicalization of acronymsBachelor's thesis 2010 
Jahodová EvaNeologisms Formed by Opposite or Contrary PrefixesBachelor's thesis 2010 
Krejčí NikolaTerminological Glossary: EcologyBachelor's thesis 2010 
Lokšová VeronikaCommented Translation of a Literary TextBachelor's thesis 2010 
Moslerová AlenaFeminizing the Names of ProfessionsBachelor's thesis 2010 
Nožičková LucieNeologisms Formed by Means of the Prefixes Expressing Number or QuantityBachelor's thesis 2010 
Stryková PetraForeign Words in the Lexical Field of "Food"Bachelor's thesis 2010 
Župníková IngridNeology and Neologisms in Sports Magazines and NewspapersBachelor's thesis 2010 
Lusková PetraCzech and Spanish fairy tales: comparison of motivesBachelor's thesis 2009 
Bařinová AdélaThe -ísimo suffix in contemporary SpanishBachelor's thesis 2008 
Bařinová MonikaNeologism in Spanish dictionariesBachelor's thesis 2008 
Blahutová JanaUn so\~nador para un pueblo by Antonio Buero Vallejo. The Reflection of History in the WritingBachelor's thesis 2008 
Knitlová AdélaNeology and neologisms in contemporary Spanish magazinesBachelor's thesis 2008 
Mazurová LucieRosalía de Castro's novels written in SpanishBachelor's thesis 2008 
Němcová LucieThe Guadalupe Virgin as a cultural symbolBachelor's thesis 2008 
Rybková MartinaRigoberta Menchú: indian apologist in GuatemalaBachelor's thesis 2008 
Sirotný LukášBonsai terminologyBachelor's thesis 2008 
Staňková JanaNeologisms in bilingual dictionaries (Spanish/Czech - Czech/Spanish)Bachelor's thesis 2008 
Valchářová EvaThe advertisement language: mobile phonesBachelor's thesis 2008 
Faltys TomášChile: political and economic evolution since 1970'sBachelor's thesis 2007 
Guznarová PavlaCrónica del rey pasmado by Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. References to 17th Century Historical ElementsBachelor's thesis 2007 
Štěpanovská TerezaThe Concept of Woman and the Feminine in the Lucía Etxebarria´s WritingBachelor's thesis 2007 
Málek BřetislavScientist Literature at the Time Conquering SpainBachelor's thesis 2005 

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Studijní materiál multimediálního charakteru: Gramatická cvičení ze španělštiny 2
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Studijní materiál multimediálního charakteru: Lexikografie
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