Václav Škarpich

Václav Škarpich

Academic degree, name, surname:RNDr. Václav Škarpich, Ph.D.
Room, floor, building: L 102, Building L
Position:Head of Department
Research interests and teaching:
Department (Faculty): Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology (Faculty of Science)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 2301
Personal website:

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AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Kašpárek ZdeněkComplex fluvial-geomorphologic analysis of the development and state of the Ostravice River channelAdvanced thesis 2015 
Hrabovská NelaLongitudinal variability of hydromorphological quality of the Porubka streamMaster's thesis 2020 
Šeflová MarkétaFluvial-geomorphological analysis of Mísná stream (Vsetínské vrchy)Master's thesis 2019 
Kot PetrEffect of transversal constructions on channel parameters of streams in the forefield of the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts.Master's thesis 2018 
Vaverka LukášAnalysis of the longitudinal profiles of streams in context of lithological conditions (case study of the Vsetínská Bečva tributaries)Master's thesis 2018 
Zezulová MarkétaFluvial-geomorphological analysis of Tísňavy stream (Vsetínské vrchy)Master's thesis 2018 
Macurová TerezaFluvial-geomorphological analysis of Kobylská stream (Vsetínské vrchy)Master's thesis 2017 
Martináková IvaFluvial-geomorphological analysis of Miloňovský stream (Vsetínské vrchy)Master's thesis 2017 
Jeníková KateřinaFluvial-geomorphological analysis of renaturalized section of the Bečva River from 45.0 to 58.0 r. kmMaster's thesis 2016 
Volná ŠárkaTransversal constructions inventory in the Vsetínská Bečva River channelBachelor's thesis 2020 
Šeligová ŽanetaAnalysis of the Odra River meandering reach (25,0 - 52,0 r. km)Bachelor's thesis 2019 
Cholevová NatálieWater bodies inventory in the Ostrava and their function and usageBachelor's thesis 2018 
Grešková AndreaParticle-size analysis of Dinotice stream bed sediments (Vsetínské vrchy Mts)Bachelor's thesis 2018 
Důjka VojtěchParticle-size analysis of gravel accumulations in the Rožnovská Bečva River channelBachelor's thesis 2017 
Cveková DagmarSpace-time analysis of the Poodří Protected Landscape Area fishpond systemBachelor's thesis 2016 
Šeflová MarkétaThe historical evolution of water bodies in the selected river reach of the Bečva River basinBachelor's thesis 2016 
Vaverka LukášParticle-size analysis of Kychová stream bed sediments (Javorníky Mts)Bachelor's thesis 2016 
Zezulová MarkétaFluvial-geomorphological mapping of the Dinotice River basin (Vsetínské vrchy Mts)Bachelor's thesis 2016 
Kaloková DenisaMorphology and grain-size parameters on river confluences: case study of the Ostravice and Čeladenka gravel-bed RiversBachelor's thesis 2015 
Karkoszková ZuzanaParameters of deposited sediments of the selected fishponds in the Poodří Protected Landscape AreaBachelor's thesis 2015 
Skácelová NelaAnalysis of the outflow regime of the Morávka River basinBachelor's thesis 2015 
Krótká AnetaEvaluation of floodplain vegetation change anabranching and single incised channel reaches of the Morávka RiverBachelor's thesis 2014 
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