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Academic degree, name, surname:Ing. Matúš Dubecký, PhD.
Room, floor, building: M 302, Building M
Research interests and teaching:
Department/ Faculty: Department of Physics (Faculty of Science)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 2155
Personal website:http://www1.osu.cz/~dubecky/

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Dubecky, F., Kindl, D., Hubik, P., Micusik, M., Dubecký, M., Bohacek, P., Vanko, G., Gombia, E., Necas, V. a Mudron, J. A comparative study of Mg and Pt contacts on semi-insulating GaAs: Electrical and XPS characterization. Applied Surface Science. 2017, č. 395, s. 131-135. ISSN 0169-4332.
Dubecký, M. Bias cancellation in one-determinant fixed-node diffusion Monte Carlo: Insights from fermionic occupation numbers. Physical Review E. 2017, č. 95, s. 033308-1-033308-7. ISSN 2470-0053.
Dubecký, M. Noncovalent Interactions by Fixed-Node Diffusion Monte Carlo: Convergence of Nodes and Energy Differences vs Gaussian Basis-Set Size. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. 2017, č. 13, s. 3626-3635. ISSN 1549-9618.
Tuček, J., Holá, K., Bourlinos, A. B., Blonski, P., Bakandritsos, A., Ugolotti, J., Dubecký, M., Karlický, F., Ranc, V., Čépe, K., Otyepka, M. a Zbořil, R. Room temperature organic magnets derived from sp(3) functionalized graphene. Nature Communications. 2017, č. 8, s. 14525-1-14525-12. ISSN 2041-1723.
Dubecký, M. Noncovalent Interactions by QMC: Speedup by One-Particle Basis-Set Size Reduction. In: Eds.: S. Tanaka, P.-N. Roy, L. Mitas. Recent Progress in Quantum Monte Carlo. American Chemical Society, 2016. s. 119-126. ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 1234. ISBN 9780841231795.
Dubecky, F., Oswald, J., Kindl, D., Hubik, P., Dubecký, M., Gombia, E., Sagatova, A., Bohacek, P., Sekacova, M. a Necas, V. Photocurrent spectra of semi-insulating GaAs M/S/M diodes: Role of the contacts. Solid-State Electronics. 2016, č. 118, s. 30-35. ISSN 0038-1101.
Dubecký, M. 2014 (1,5 m) North Carolina State University, Raleigh, Prof. Lubos Mitas.

AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Fanta RomanAb initio Studies of Noncovalent Interactions in Molecular ClustersMaster's thesis 2018 

Fixed-node diffusion Monte Carlo as a benchmark method for large noncovalent systems
Main solverIng. Matúš Dubecký, PhD.
Period1/2018 - 12/2020
ProviderJuniorský projekt GA ČR
Vývoj metod kvantového Monte Carlo
Main solverIng. Matúš Dubecký, PhD.
Period6/2015 - 12/2017
ProviderKatedra fyziky, Institucionální podpora
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