Lenka Vaňková

Academic degree, name, surname:prof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Room, floor, building: D 410, Building D
Position:Head of Department
Research interests and teaching:morphology, syntax, historical development of German, comparative linguistics
Department (Faculty): Department of German Studies (Faculty of Arts)
Centre for the Research of Professional Language (Faculty of Arts)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 1910
Personal website:


Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Work Position

Professor of German Language, Head of the Department of German Studies

Education and Academic Qualification

Professor: 2010, Palacky University in Olomouc
Habilitation Studies: 2004, Palacky University in Olomouc, German Language
Habilitation Studies: 2002, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, German Language (Habilitation Thesis: Medizinische Fachprosa aus Mähren. Sprache – Struktur – Edition)
Priv.-Doz. Degree: 2003-2013
Doctoral Studies Dr.-Degree: 1999, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno (Dissertation Thesis: Die frühneuhochdeutsche Kanzleisprache des Kuhländchens)
Doctoral Studies – PhDr.-Degree: 1982, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic
1975-1980: Master’s Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Purkyne University in Brno, Czech Republic
Double Major: German Language – Russian Language
1990-1993: In-service training at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Specialisation: English Language and Literature

Work Experience

2003 - 2005Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs, Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava
Since 1991Faculty of Arts, Department of German Studies - since 1998 Head of the Department
1980 - 1991Secondary Grammar School Orlova, Czech Republic

Research Grants

Principal Investigator:
Německy psaná lékařská literatura z pozdně středověké a raně novověké Moravy Grant Title: Medical professional texts written in the German language in the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period in Moravia
Grant Number: GA ČR, č. 405/02/1191, 2002-2004
Soupis a základní filologické vyhodnocení německých středověkých a raně novověkých medicínských rukopisů dochovaných v českých zemích
Grant Title: Listing and basic philological evaluation of medical manuscripts written in the German language in the Middle Ages and in the Early Modern Period preserved in the Czech lands
Grant Number: GA AV ČR, 2009-2012, IAA901860901
Výrazové prostředky emocionality v německo-české jazykové konfrontaci Grant Title: Wordage of emotionality in the confrontation of the German and the Czech languages
Grant Number: GA ČR, 2009-2013, 405/09/0718
Posílení rozvoje Centra výzkumu odborného jazyka angličtiny a němčiny na Filozofické fakultě Ostravské univerzity Project Title: Strengthening the development of the Centre for the Research into the Professional English and German Language at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava
ESF Project, 2012-2015
Lékařské kompendium Žida ze Salmsu: historický kontext – jazykový rozbor – edice
Project Title: Medical Compendium by the Jew of Salms: historical context – linguistic analysis – editing Grant Number: GA ČR, 2018-2021

Membership in Professional Organisations and Committees

Since 2004 Chair of the Association of Czech Germanists (Svaz germanistů České republiky)
Member of the International Working Group on Historical Research into Chancellery Language (Historische Kanzleisprachenforschung)
Member of the Society for the German Language History (Gesellschaft für Germanistische Sprachgeschichte)
Member of the Association of Modern Philologists (Kruh moderních filologů)
External Member of the Centre for Medieval Studies (Centrum medievistických studií)
Member of the Academic Council of the University of Ostrava
Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Arts of the University in Usti nad Labem

Other Activities

Chief of Editorial Board of the Studia Germanistica Journal (Časopis Studia Germanistica)
Member of the Review Board of the Modern Philology Journal (Časopis pro moderní filologii)

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AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Doležalová KatarínaThe Development of Anglicisms in the Specialized Periodical Marketing Journal from the Year 1969 till the Year 2007Doctoral thesis  
Romová HanaDiminutives in Specialist Botanical TextsDoctoral thesis 2020 
Werbová MarieProduct accompanying manuals in the field of external and internal communication for special purposes. An investigation into the communication situation, text function and speech forms of directive speech acts in instuctions.Doctoral thesis 2017 
Unucková ŠárkaThe Early New High German Texts on Plague Held in Bohemian and Moravian Archives and Libraries. A Content and Language AnalysisDoctoral thesis 2016 
Tomková MiroslavaEmotionality in the songs of ´Des Knaben Wunderhorn´Doctoral thesis 2012 
Bilanová MarkétaSrovnání vývoje anglicismů v češtině a němčiněDoctoral thesis 2011 
Pišl MilanThe Expression of emotions in present german drama textsDoctoral thesis 2011 
Sladovníková ŠárkaUnderstanding the Text Analysis of Cohesion and Coherence with Emphasis on Journalistic TextsDoctoral thesis 2010 
Mostýn MartinGrammatical Means of Condensation in Economic TextsDoctoral thesis 2009 
Katonová TerezaGerman borrowings in a dialect from Karviná and surroundingAdvanced thesis 2017 
Hrdinová EvaThe translation of liturgical text in the mirror of skopos theoryAdvanced thesis 2016 
Maňák RadimA Corpus Linguistic Analysis of the Swiss Standard GermanAdvanced thesis 2016 
Doležalová KatarínaThe Development of Anglicisms in the Specialized Periodical Marketing Journal from the Year 1969 till the Year 2007Advanced thesis 2011 
Heczko PetrThe level of expertise in popular science discourses on the example of automobile literatureMaster's thesis 2020 
Skudrzyk MichaelLinguistic-emotional Analysis of  the Trump-DiscourseMaster's thesis 2020 
Čechová MichaelaContemporary German Trivial Literature from the Perspective of Translation CriticismMaster's thesis 2019 
Hubičková MichaelaLanguage Means to Describe the Characters in Novel Gespensterjäger auf eisiger Spur by Cornelia FunkeMaster's thesis 2019 
Dvořáček AlešTerms outside the scope of professional genresMaster's thesis 2018 
Šimoníková PetraEmotionality in Refugee-related DiscourseMaster's thesis 2018 
Urbanová KateřinaHow transfer the magazines for women the knowledge - corspus based analysisMaster's thesis 2018 
Biskupová VeronikaTranslation of selected stylistic devices and austriatics in novel Brennerova from Wolf HaasMaster's thesis 2017 
Hrubá NikolaThe presentation of technical contents in magazines for children and the youthMaster's thesis 2017 
Hurtová JanaTerms used in daily press demonstrated on the example of economy section of FAZ newspapersMaster's thesis 2017 
Kovářová MonikaThe Translation in Women´ s Magazine JOYMaster's thesis 2017 
Pořízková EliškaTerminology used in Süddeutsche Zeitung Newspapers based on the Example of the Politics ColumnMaster's thesis 2017 
Zielinová BarboraThe mediation of professional knowledge in the daily press based on the section knowledge in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungMaster's thesis 2017 
Kostílek TomášOnline law centre: Is legal language presented intelligibly?Master's thesis 2016 
Maňák RadimThe Austrian German - a Corpus Linguistic AnalysisMaster's thesis 2014 
Rýdlová AnetaArgumentative structures in Czech and German advertisingMaster's thesis 2014 
Sroková KarolínaExpressivity in popular-scientific journals on example of texts from the field of historyMaster's thesis 2014 
Šmelková VěraEmotional Stimuli within Czech and German Beer CommercialsMaster's thesis 2014 
Twarógová VeronikaExpressing Emotionality in Czech and GermanMaster's thesis 2014 
Hammerová ZuzanaThematisation of the emotion JOY in German and Czech phraseologisms. An analysis based on the use of the InterCorp.Master's thesis 2013 
Letáčková LucieThe Analysis and the Evaluation of the Translation of Daniel Glattauer´s Novel Gut gegen NordwindMaster's thesis 2013 
Špičáková AdélaDescription of Voice and Emotions in German NovelsMaster's thesis 2013 
Bečicová MartinaComments on the translation of the novel Vollidiot from Tommy JaudMaster's thesis 2012 
Hudý PetrPersonal swear words in German. German - Czech comparative analysisMaster's thesis 2012 
Macek TomášThe problems of menu translationMaster's thesis 2012 
Pončová LucieExpressive means of emotionality in the direct speech of novel characters. The example of the work of Thomas Brussig "Helden wie wir"Master's thesis 2012 
Gajda MarekEmotions in Film Subtitles and Dubbing. A Comparative Analysis Based on the German Film Knockin' on Heaven's Door.Master's thesis 2011 
Indráková MarieVoice as the Expression of Emotions in Novels by German Male and Female Writers. A Comparative Analysis.Master's thesis 2011 
Mlýnková LucieEducational principles in the concept of Carl Christian André. The commented translation of professional textMaster's thesis 2011 
Sporysz RadekBody Language as an Instrument of Expression of Emotions in a German NovelMaster's thesis 2011 
Pajtášová Jana LEXICAL DEVICES OF WEB-PAGESMaster's thesis 2010 
Ševčík BřetislavA comparative study of phraseological units in German and Czech newspaper texts dealing with international politicsMaster's thesis 2010 
Funioková RadkaAustriacisms in Austrian NewspapersMaster's thesis 2009 
Maleňáková HelenaKonfix bio- in german languageMaster's thesis 2009 
Obadalová ŠtěpánkaThe translation of advertising texts in the selected magazines for women in german and czechMaster's thesis 2008 
Ohrzalová Simona Anglicisms in the language of sport in GermanMaster's thesis 2008 
Tomková MiroslavaThe fluctuation of cases after german prepositions während, trotz, wegenMaster's thesis 2008 
Valasová VeronikaTranslation of book titles: English, German and Czech relationMaster's thesis 2008 
Vaňous LiborThe confix euro in the contemporary GermanMaster's thesis 2008 
Oborný MartinThe evolution of german terminology of the plants based on the medical texts from the period of the late Middle Ages and the earlier modern periodMaster's thesis 2007 
Michlovská HanaThe Influence of English on the German Contemporary LanguageMaster's thesis 2006 
Mostýn MartinNominal Style as an Instrument of Compacting InformationMaster's thesis 2006 
Unucková Šárka"Of Plague" - The Language and Meaning of Medieval Tractates about Plague on the Basis of the R 16 Manuscript from the Kunín Collection.Master's thesis 2006 
Valečková VeronikaComparason and Analysis of the Newspapers Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Tages AnzeigerMaster's thesis 2006 
Lebedová RadkaTo the language of the medical manuscript no. 188 from OlomoucMaster's thesis 2005 
Plurová JarmilaLanguage of mass media: The news form and its subsequent presentation in television and in German radiostationsMaster's thesis 2005 
Vrbacká GabrielaInternationalisms on TV-newsMaster's thesis 2005 
Záškodná IvanaCOMPARISON OF THE NAMES OF PLANTS Contribution to word building motivationMaster's thesis 2005 
Žáčková ZuzanaWord formation trends in german languageMaster's thesis 2005 
Urbanová JanaTerminology in German and Czech PressBachelor's thesis 2020 
Černíková LucieBioproducts in Germany and in Czech Republic. Comparison.Bachelor's thesis 2019 
Porazilová LucieAnglicisms in Fashion JournalsBachelor's thesis 2019 
Černoušková KateřinaVerbal Means to Express the Emotion Happiness in German and in CzechBachelor's thesis 2018 
Konkolská MartinaTerms in Study and Examination Regulations of German UniversitiesBachelor's thesis 2018 
Skudrzyk MichaelNews in German and Czech Public and Private Television Stations. Emotional Linguistic AnalysisBachelor's thesis 2018 
Šimšová KateřinaThe Position of the German Language in the North Moravia and Silesia Region. A sociolinguistic ResearchBachelor's thesis 2018 
Šnajder JanTerms in daily press: a corpus-based researchBachelor's thesis 2018 
Červenková GabrielaThe Life with the Coeliac disease: in the Czech Republic and in GermanyBachelor's thesis 2017 
Bilasová VandaHelvetisms in Swizz Press: a Corpus AnalysisBachelor's thesis 2016 
Gomola DanielCommunication of technical knowledge on websites of institutions in the area of the health systemBachelor's thesis 2016 
Malina ZdeněkMedical communication with experts and non-experts: a comparisonBachelor's thesis 2016 
Tesařová JanaImages in Non-fiction Books for ChildrenBachelor's thesis 2016 
Knapec DanielTerms outside the scope of professional genresBachelor's thesis 2015 
Marková DanaThe Memory of The City and Region of KrnovBachelor's thesis 2014 
Procházková LucieThe Thematization of Emoton GRIEF in Lexical Features. Research based on InterCorp.Bachelor's thesis 2014 
Janků EvaThe thematization of emotion Joy in Czech and German phraseological collocations: Research based on InterCorp.Bachelor's thesis 2013 
Lachová LucieSpecific language elements in the work of Wolf HaasBachelor's thesis 2011 
Altznauerová LenkaComparison of german and czech advertisment.Bachelor's thesis 2010 
Brožová JanaThe translation of EU law text (EU constitution)Bachelor's thesis 2010 
Maňák RadimThe Role of the Standard Language in the Swiss TelevisionBachelor's thesis 2010 
Šebestová PavlínaOlmützer Sprachinsel - Memory of the place and the concrete fates of the former German inhabitantsBachelor's thesis 2010 
Dušková JarmilaThe medieval german settlement of Hřebečsko and relationship of Czechs and Germans in the village of Rybník from middleages to presentBachelor's thesis 2009 
Gajda MarekAnglicisms in Teenage MagazinesBachelor's thesis 2009 
Hemalová KateřinaAnglicism in economic textsBachelor's thesis 2009 
Novotná AlenaComposition of funcional verbs in economic textsBachelor's thesis 2009 
Sporysz RadekCompounds in Special Texts and Their Translation into the Czech LanguageBachelor's thesis 2009 
Vašíčková ŠárkaThe affix turbo- in the GermanBachelor's thesis 2008 
Krtková EvaShopping habits of Citizen of the Czech RepublicBachelor's thesis 2005 
Slivka DušanGrammatical Devices of Homepages, Job Offers, Web-Pages, Language Design of Web-PagesBachelor's thesis 2005 
Spurná LucieParticipial Constructions In German And Their FunctionBachelor's thesis 2005 
Stavjař LuděkViolation of sentence frameBachelor's thesis 2005 

Medical Compendium by the Jew of Salms: historical context - linguistic analysis - editing
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2018 - 12/2020
ProviderKatedra germanistiky, Standardní projekt GA ČR
Specialist vocabulary in newspapers
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2018 - 12/2019
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
Presentation of expert information in expert and non-expert contexts
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2016 - 12/2017
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
Languages of V4 Countries in Modern Europe (Language as a Tool to Express and Shaping of Identity)
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2016 - 12/2016
ProviderOstatní projekty ze zahr. prostředků
The Reinforcement of the Development of the Centre for Research in English and German Professional Discourse at University of Ostrava, Faculty of Arts
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period7/2012 - 6/2015
ProviderOP VK (Vzdělávání pro konkurenceschopnost)
Statein sustainability
Expressing Emotionality in German and in Czech: A Contrastive Study
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2009 - 12/2013
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
Innovation of study programme German philology by addition of study module German as the language of human studies
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period10/2010 - 9/2013
ProviderOP VK (Vzdělávání pro konkurenceschopnost)
Podpora VaV v Moravskoslezském kraji - dotační titul 5
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period9/2012 - 9/2013
ProviderKatedra germanistiky, Projekty podporované z rozpočtu měst krajských úřadů
Inventory and basic philological evaluation of German medieval and Early Modern medical manuscripts preserved in the Czech lands
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2009 - 12/2012
ProviderStandardní grantový projekt GA AV
Letní škola literárního překladu: Rozvíjení jazykové kompetence se zaměřením na literární překlad
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period7/2011 - 7/2011
Specializovaná učebna pro výuku tlumočení na FF OU
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2006 - 12/2006
ProviderOstravská univerzita, Fond rozvoje vysokých škol
German-written medical literature in late medieval and early modern Moravia (Position, language, importance)
Main solverprof. PhDr. Lenka Vaňková, Dr.
Period1/2002 - 12/2004
ProviderOstravská univerzita, Standardní projekt GA ČR
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