Arrival Checklist

There are many options for you to get to Ostrava, via bus, train or plane, however a train from Prague is the most convenient and typically used option to Ostrava. If you wish to explore different options, please let me know.


After your arrival to Prague’s international airport your next step will be transport to the city center.

We recommend using public transportation from the airport to the city center. You essentially have two options:

  • Bus AE will take you directly to Prague’s Main Railway station and is the most convenient option especially if you intend to go straight to Ostrava.
  • If you intend to stay in Prague, look into Bus 119 as this will take you to the nearest Metro station.

Review the Prague Airport website for the most up-to-date information.

Please note these tips when traveling in the Czech Republic:

  • ATM machines available in the Prague airport.
  • Czech currency is called the koruna, (sign: Kč; code: CZK)
  • Do not travel with large sums of cash. Use an ATM (bankomat) to withdraw cash as you need it.
  • You may purchase tickets for Public Transport at;
    • the welcome counter in the Arrival Halls of Terminals 1 & 2 during business hours.
    • From vending machines located in the Arrival Hals using cash or credit card.
    • Or from the bus driver (AE bus only) using cash only.
  • Tickets for the AE bus are 60 Korunas. Tickets for Prague city public transport start at 32 korunas.

If you plan to stay in Prague for sightseeing, we recommend purchasing a guide book to get accustomed to Prague and Czech Republic. Otherwise you may go straight to Ostrava by train.


Taking a train to Ostrava is very convenient and takes about three hours offering excellent views of the countryside. Schedules can be researched at (there is an English option in lower right). You may purchase your ticket online and print the ticket or have the ticket sent to your phone. You may also purchase tickets at the train station.

There are three companies operating in the Czech Republic, you may choose from:

  • České dráhy (CD) Czech Railways in English, is the main railway operator in the Czech Republic. Their most comfortable train to Ostrava is named “Pendolino”.
  • RegioJet is a Czech private railway company offering quality service for a cheap price. Any of their trains will be comfortable.
  • LEO Express is another private train operator offering quality for a cheap price. Also comfortable.

Tips when going by train:

  • The Czech word for “main train station” is Hlavní nádraží and you will see it abbreviated as hl.n. Purchase your ticket for Ostrava Hlavní nádraží.
  • Seat reservations, if you choose Pendolino or the private operators your ticket will come with a carriage and seat reservation (which is extremely convenient). Finding your reservation on the ticket might be a challenge, so ask if you need help. Look for two things:
    • Vůz = Carriage
    • Místo = Seat
  • The three-hour journey from Prague is pleasant with wi-fi and food service. It also is typical to buy some snacks/food to eat before boarding the train. There is a grocery store in the Prague Main Train Station called Billa.


Once you arrive in Ostrava your Buddy should be there to guide you to your dorm.

However, if they are not available, public transportation is fairly convenient with many buses and trams. There are trams with regular departures just outside the Main Train Station. see here for Ostrava’s public transit.

You must purchase a ticket before boarding a tram or bus. Tickets prices vary by how much time is required to get to your destination, the 20 CZK ticket (30 minutes) should be sufficient. Buy a few tickets right away from the yellow ticket vending machines, ticket stores or external vendors (marked with the ticket symbol) within the Train Station. Once you board the tram or bus validate your ticket by inserting it into the little red box found inside the vehicle.

How to get to your Dorm

From Hlavní Nádraží to the following dorms

  1. Jan Opletal Dormitory
    You have two options:
    1. Take bus 106 and depart at “Revírní br. Pokladna”.
    2. Or take bus 108 and depart at “Gymnázium”.
  2. Campus Palace
    1. Take any tram and depart at “Elektra”.
    2. Walk a short distance near the city center to Kampus Palace.
  3. Student Hall of Residence Silesia
    1. Take bus 106 and get off at “Revírní br. pokladna”
    2. Transfer to bus 104 and depart at “U Pumpy”
    3. From “U Pumpy” it’s a short walk.


If, after reading all the above, you want to take a taxi in Prague or Ostrava, please feel free. We didn’t recommend taxi for two reasons, firstly, we are accustomed to the low cost and ease of the public transportation and secondly, in years past taxis have earned a bad reputation for being very expensive, especially for foreigners.

Good luck, we look forward to seeing you!

Updated: 25. 05. 2018