The University of Ostrava supports Belarusian students

The University of Ostrava has decided to respond to the current situation in Belarus and support students who have been inhibited from studies in their country due to the political situation, who have been expelled from universities for these reasons or whose personal freedom have been threatened.

The students from Belarus can choose and apply to the Czech and English study programmes or to the Czech language courses. Except for this, the University of Ostrava has decided to support 10 Belarusian students with scholarship. Students who will be selected based on their motivational letter by the university management will be supported with 15,000 CZK/per month in the academic year 2021/22.

“Universities all over the world must be a guarantee of free research and freedom of expression. In Belarus, this freedom is clearly being supressed and the situation is unacceptable to many academics and students. I am glad that the University of Ostrava can help them,” points out the Rector of the university, Jan Lata.

More information about the scholarship for Belarusian students can be found in the more detailed article or may be provided by Markéta Miková from the Centre for International Cooperation of the University of Ostrava.

Updated: 12. 02. 2021