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Important information about university measures to avoid spread of coronavirus COVID-19


Free COVID-19 Test for International Students

International students of the University of Ostrava will be able to test themselves for COVID-19 free of charge at the University Hospital Ostrava.

From 7 May it is necessary to submit the result of the COVID-19 test within 3 days in case of crossing borders of the Czech Republic.

For this case the management of the University of Ostrava created an agreement with the University Hospital Ostrava and the Spadia lab company to provide a free testing for COVID-19 for all international students.

There is a limited number of tests. Those international students interested in testing have to book a specific date on the telephone number +420 703 183 342 on working days between 7:30 and 14:30. After that, students can arrive at the University Hospital Ostrava at Sampling Point No. 1. at the agreed time.

The students prove themselves with an ID card and a document that confirms that they are students of the University of Ostrava. Students will also report their email to which the test results will be sent within 30 hours. In case that the result will not arrive within three days it is possible to contact a nurse from Sampling Point No. 1 again on the above-mentioned telephone number. Free testing for international students is provided until the capacity is reached.

11th MAY 2020

Dear students and colleagues,

According to the changing situation, we would like to inform you about the expansion of the allowed activities for universities which took effect in accordance with the Czech Republic government resolution from 30 April 2020, no. 491.

From 11 May 2020 physical presence of all students in the university buildings is possible for the purpose of studying and related activities with maximum of 15 people present at once. This limitation does not relate to laboratory classes, experimental work and artwork. It is still valid that students can participate in these activites only if they do not show symptoms of health problems mentioned in the viral infection measure.

We ask all students to follow instructions of their teachers. Each faculty still decides on its own how exactly they will implement the government provisions to the classes and exams.

Jan Lata
UO Rector

27th APRIL 2020

Dear students and colleagues,

According to this rapidly changing situation on the government level, we would like to inform you about the changes in the allowed activities for universities which took effect in accordance with the Czech Republic government resolution from 23 April 2020, no. 455.

Rector's provision no. 95/2020 describing the individual activities of students for the academic year 2019/2020 from 17 April 2020, whose summary you can find in the previously published text below, was extended by one additional point: … physical presence of ALL students is possible during consultations or exams with maximum of 5 people present at once, during laboratory, experimental work and artwork (especially for writing final theses) in the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programs with maximum of 5 people present at once, during praxis and this all with the full understanding and respect towards all the rules and measures related to the emergency state.

During these days we examine all the connections with other government provisions, for example those related to libraries or meetings of self-governing bodies. We will inform you about the further course of the situation. Each faculty decides on its own how exactly they will implement the government provisions to the classes and exams. We ask all the students to be patient because the situation changes rapidly and it is unpredictable.

Jan Lata
UO Rector

22nd APRIL 2020

Dear students,

based on the Czech Ministry of Health's emergency measure from April 15, 2020, ref. MZDR 16184/2020-1/MIN/KAN and the Rector's directive no. 95/2020 about the individual student activities for the academic year 2019/2020 the following has been allowed from April 20, 2020:

  1. Final-year students' personal participation in
    1. final state examinations,
    2. state doctoral examinations,
    3. other examinations than a) and b),
    4. thesis defence,
    5. laboratories, during experimental or art work connected to their final thesis,
    6. clinical and practical training and practice.

  2. All students are allowed to
    1. individually visit the libraries and study rooms in order to pick up or return the study literature,
    2. visit the university buildings in order to take care of the study related matters which are not directly connected to the study, e.g. to get the confirmation of study.
    3. teach in the families, internships, etc., if it takes place at the third parties premises. Students are allowed to do volunteer activities including the volunteer activities that take place at UO.

All activities mentioned in no. 1) a) to e) can only take place with the participation of max 5 people.

The following is still forbidden:

  1. Personal presence of students in the classes and exams during their studies at the university except for the students to whom is the personal presence allowed.
  2. Participation of the students from all years of the studies at any mass event organized by UO.
  3. Sending students and employees abroad.
  4. Accepting international visits.

Jan Lata
UO Rector

13th MARCH 2020

Dear students and colleagues,

exceptional measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic cancels the lectures from 11th March.

Based on this exceptional measure, the high management of the university publishes the following instructions valid from 11th March 2020 until further notice:

For students:

  • Presence of students in all UO buildings is forbidden (in lectures, in labs, exams, or other extracurricular activities, etc.)
  • The students shall follow the instructions of individual lecturers regarding the self-study and other forms of education.
  • All the practical trainings are cancelled.
  • Communication with all the UO employees must be performed on distance (e-mail, telephone, skype, etc.)

For academic employees:

  • Academic employees shall provide the students with materials for self-study.
  • If applicable, they will work from home.
  • They shall cancel the business trips abroad.
  • They should reduce other business trips only to those that are necessary with regards to work commitments.

For non-academic employees:

  • With regards to work classification and based on agreement with the superior, they should consider to take home office.
  • They shall cancel the business trips abroad.
  • They should reduce other business trips with the exception of those that are urgent.

Other measures:

  • UO Library and its reading rooms will be in limited operation: they shall be closed for students and public (they will available for the needs of academics and researchers)
  • All the academic ceremonies are cancelled.
  • All the meetings of Academic Senate and Academic Council are cancelled.
  • All university events with the expected attendance of more than 30 people are cancelled.
  • All the arrivals of people coming from high-risk countries are cancelled (responsible persons shall inform these people about this measure immediately)
  • It is recommended to take into consideration the restriction of arrivals of people from other countries as well.


  • The entrance of people that are not accommodated in the dormitories is forbidden.
  • People accommodated in dormitories will be informed on exceptional regime at dormitories by separate message.

It is necessary to keep all precautionary measures to avoid spreading of COVID-19 infection!

In case of any questions, please contact .

Jan Lata
UO Rector

Updated: 22. 06. 2020

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