University of Ostrava Summer School

Get started with your start-up idea and learn more about the creative processes together with the importance of healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.

Programme overview

Get outstanding theoretical and practical experience in this 3-week intensive programme which consists of classroom lectures, field trips and practical exercise. You will have the opportunity to better understand the creative processes of building on your own business idea and to learn more about how much is the healthy lifestyle important. Moreover, you will meet international students and will be able to discuss your ideas with our international experts. The programme is designed to be interactive and is divided into three areas – healthy lifestyle, creativity and start-up parts.

Field trips

Over the course, many field trips and other activities are organized, e.g. hiking in Beskydy mountains, wakeboarding, planetarium visit and visit to a couple of start-up companies in the region.

Ostravice river


August 24, 2020 – September 11, 2020 / 3 weeks


International and Czech students (currently enrolled at a university)

Language of instruction



All applications must be sent to  and include the following information:

  • Name, information about the home university and the field of study
  • Motivational letter

Deadline for applications

May 15, 2020


The programme is free of charge.

Price – Additional Information

Participants are supposed to pay their travel expenses, accommodation and meals.

Recommended accommodation is Kampus Palace (; The rooms will be booked for you upon your request.

Accommodation price estimate:
15 EUR (17 USD)/per night including breakfast

Estimate for personal expenses (meals, local transport and personal spending):
150 EUR (160 USD)

Kampus Palace

More information about the SS team and the programme:

The detailed programme will be added.

Part 1: Healthy Lifestyle

The importance of a balanced lifestyle will be discussed throughout the first week. You will start with the excursion to the Human Motion Diagnostic Centre where you will be given the Polar bands to monitor your physical achievements for the week, the series of lectures on the Theory of Health, the Influence of the Environment on Health and others will be followed by exciting sport activities, e.g. team games, hiking to Beskydy mountains, Nordic-walking and Wakeboarding.

Department of Human Movement Studies

An excellent department which provides courses in Physical Education and Sport, Recreology and Human Movement Sciences will lead the first week of the summer school. The Department works closely with the Human Motion Diagnostic Centre, which acts as a platform for kinanthropological research. They have young and motivated staff, several of them are involved in researching the physical activity/inactivity of the population in the Ostrava region. Members of the Department also participate in grant-funded research projects coordinated by colleagues from other departments at the University of Ostrava and other Czech universities. They have also close research and teaching links with universities and other institutions both in Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Spain, UK) and in the USA.


Part 2: Creativity

There will be 25 hours of workshop consisting of a topic introduction, interactively facilitating the main concepts related to the respective creativity topic, followed by activities, quizzes and discussions. There will be a reading list, a proposal for TED talks and mini projects to be done in small teams.

Dr. Mariana Nicolae

A professor Emerita of English and business communication with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (BUES) looks forward to showing you all aspects of the creative process. Her background is impressive as well as her wonderful and open-minded personality. Between 2011 – 2017 she was the head of the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication and the director of the Master in International Business Communication programme delivered in English. She holds a university degree in English literature and linguistics from the University of Bucharest, Romania, a Ph.D. in Education from the same university, and a doctoral degree in Economics with a focus on leadership in higher education from BUES.

Besides occasional teaching, research, academic and project management, she is still involved in institutional building, coaching and mentoring, networking with people and organizations, publishing, travelling both in-country and abroad to attend conferences and seminars.

Part 3: Start-up: How to Design Your Own Creative Business

The aim of this part is to teach students how to design and develop their own start-up to promote self-employment. Creative thinking and business-oriented philosophical approaches will be mixed to deliver a highly innovative learning experience. Some of the topics are The Role of Entrepreneur in Modern Society and How to Develop a Winning Business Model, From Ideas to Reality.

Fabio Papa, Ph.D.

The leading figure of the third week will be Fabio Papa, a professor of Economics at University of Macerata in Italy, visiting lecturer at University of Siauliai in Lithuania, scientific coordinator at 24Ore Business School in several Master programmes in Milan and Rome, as well as Director of IAER – Institute of Applied Economic Research in Milan, where he leads a team of 15 industrial researchers. His experience and enthusiastic approach will help you to truly understand how to turn your ideas into reality and how to succeed in the business sphere.

Contact information:

Mgr. Monika Šmídlová

Our coordinator from the Centre for International Cooperation is ready to answer your questions and help you with the application.

More information about the country, city and university:

Czech Republic

Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a landlocked country in the Central Europe. According to the Global Peace Index, it is the 6th safest country in the world. The capital city is Prague and the currency is the Czech crown (CZK). The population is over 10,000,000 people. Culturally, the Czech Republic has a rich history in music, literature, visual arts and decorating glass and crystal.


Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. It is in the middle of everything just hours from Prague, Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Warsaw. Ostrava is a developing and vibrant city taking special care to cultivate public greenery. Its industrial heritage makes for a dramatic backdrop in which to study. It is an ideal destination for sightseeing. Nearby, there are two mountain ranges, Beskydy and Jeseníky mountains, which provide beautiful views of the landscapes and are perfect for hiking and skiing.

The University of Ostrava

The University of Ostrava is a dynamic research institution which offers a high quality level of education and research in the humanities, social and natural sciences, health studies, medicine and fine arts.

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