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Jánáček Ostrava 2018

Janáček’s year in Ostrava

The University of Ostrava has joined the grand celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Leoš Janáček.

The project Janáček Ostrava 2018 has been running from the very beginning of this year, however its programme has yet to culminate. The yearlong cultural event is seeing participation by the University of Ostrava.

The year 2018 has brought many memorable anniversaries; we have just solemnly commemorated the 100 year founding of Czechoslovakia with a university-wide Ball in our country’s tricolour theme. JANÁČEK OSTRAVA 2018 calls for our attention, a project which will honor the memory and legacy of a giant of the musical world, Leoš Janáček. It has just been 100 years since his last opera was introduced to the Viennese audience and also 90 years since Leoš Janáček took his last breath.

Leoš Janáček is inseparably connected with our region which left a big impact on the composer’s work and heart. On the occasion of two important anniversaries the cultural and educational institutions of the city of Ostrava and Moravian-Silesian Region have come together to support the unique project JANÁČEK OSTRAVA 2018, which will continue for the whole year. The project lead is the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, and along with the University of Ostrava, other institutions such as the Moravian and Silesian National Theatre, Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, Leoš Janáček International Music Festival and St. Wenceslas Music Festival have also joined in.

The individual concerts and events which include not only the musician’s performances but also educational programs will take place throughout the year in Ostrava and within the Moravian-Silesian Region. Additionally, the annual international musicological conference JANÁČKIANA hosted by the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava will be highlighted. “We are very glad that we can take part in such projects, the University of Ostrava has to, even from its essence, fulfil not only the educational function, but it should also positively influence its surroundings and public,” said Vice-Rector for Research and Creative Activities Pavel Drozd.

The last and main culmination of the project will be a four-day long Leoš Janáček Music Marathon, an outstanding festival to celebrate the Czechoslovakian statehood, taking place on 25th – 28th October 2018. During which you will hear around 40 Janáček’s compositions at 15 concerts in the performance of many top performers.

Worth mentioning is also the following project of the Ostrava Music Academy, which is created in the cooperation with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Ostrava and The Moravian and Silesian National Theatre. The first performance will be presented in the newly built theatre Dvanáctka, which should be opened at the beginning of the new season. It will be a stage adaptation of Leoš Janáček’s compositions which according to the director of the theatre Jiří Nekvasil “will bring a different way of perception of music experience”.

We would like to invite you to the celebrations of the life and work of the composer Leoš Janáček and we hope that you will have an exceptional cultural experience. The program and up-to-date information can be found here: https://www.janacek2018.cz/about-the-project/.

Updated: 16. 05. 2018

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