Political Geography

Degree Programme: Geography

Faculty: Faculty of Science

Degree: Doctoral

Duration: 4 years

Form of Study: Full-time and Part-distance


Efforts to link local and regional development within the context of global development and world geo-politics, geo-economics and geo-culture led a group of political geographers to search for collaboration with experts in the field of political science and international relations thus creating an interdisciplinary field of study entitled Political and cultural geography, the only one of its kind linking study of selected geographic disciplines with political science, which includes inter alia selected chapters from the world history and fundamentals of sociology.

In this field, you can combine a keen interest in geography with studies of international relations, political science, anthropology, sociology and history. The study will provide you with broad understanding of the political and cultural realities of world macro-regions, as well as with a comprehensive knowledge of the current functioning of the globalized world that can be applied in diplomacy, journalism, or in various organizations focused on consulting, working with immigrants and refugees, humanitarian activities, etc. You can apply for the studies in Political and Cultural Geography at theBachelor's, Master's and doctoral level.

The political and cultural geography research interest specializes in international relations, political and economic geography, geopolitics, applied sociology, sociology of ethnicity and nationalism, ethnic minorities, cultural geography, historical geography and regional studies.

Graduate Profile and Career Opportunities:

The Department offers an attractive study for those interested in future involvement in cultivation of their own community, municipality, region or the state. It is intended for those who would like to apply for jobs in the prestigious European structures or institutions in addressing global issues of our planet, as well as the complexities of international relations, including diplomacy.

Language of Instruction: English

Minimum Credit Requirements: 120 ECTS