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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Personalised Pharmacotherapy - European Conference
date: 28. 08. 2014 - 30. 08. 2014
organized by:Česká společnost klinické farmakologie,
Faculty of Medicine UO
web: www.tdm2014.eu
Konference Λογος και Θεος
date: 01. 09. 2014 - 02. 09. 2014
organized by:Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Arts UO),
Česká společnost pro studium Aristotela a jeho myšlenkového odkazu,
VIVARIUM - Centre for Research in Medieval Society and Culture (Faculty of Arts UO)
web: ff.osu.cz/kfi/index.php?id=12171
ICTE 2014
date: 09. 09. 2014 - 11. 09. 2014
place:Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
organized by:Department of Information and Comunication Technologies (Pedagogical Faculty UO)
contact:ictepečenáčosupuntikcz, ictePhDpečenáčosupuntikcz
web: konference.osu.cz/icte
Parémie národů slovanských VII - Parémie včera a dnes
date: 17. 09. 2014 - 18. 09. 2014
place:FF OU
organized by:Department of Slavonic Studies (Faculty of Arts UO)
web: ff.osu.cz/ksl/index.php?id=11902
XII. Ostravské traumatologické dny 2014
date: 08. 10. 2014 - 10. 10. 2014
place:ROŽNOV p. Radhoštěm
organized by:Institute of Emergency Medicine (Faculty of Medicine UO)
web: lf.osu.cz/umk/index.php?id=11981
Mezinárodní konference Pedagogická diagnostika a evaluace 2014
date: 09. 10. 2014 - 10. 10. 2014
place:Hotel Sepetná, Ostravice, Beskydy
organized by:Department of Education and Adult Education (Pedagogical Faculty UO)
web: konference.osu.cz/pdae/
International Conference Research and social work practice - mutually beneficial endeavour or uneasy bedfellows?
date: 13. 10. 2014 - 14. 10. 2014
place:Fielder Centre, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire (UK)
description:This conference will examine the ways in which social work practice across Europe has been and can be enhanced by research - and vice versa.
organized by:European Research Institute for Social Work ( UO)
web: eris.osu.eu/index.php?id=11994
Pediatrický den 2014
date: 18. 10. 2014
place:Hotel Imperial Ostrava
organized by:Faculty of Medicine UO,
Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava
web: lf.osu.cz/index.php?id=12059
4. celostátní konference zdravotních sester a radiologických asistentů katetrizačních sálů s mezinárodní účastí
date: 23. 10. 2014 - 24. 10. 2014
place:Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava
organized by:Department of Imaging Methods (Faculty of Medicine UO)
web: lf.osu.cz/uzm/index.php?id=12126
Konference Psychologické aspekty pomáhání
date: 04. 11. 2014 - 05. 11. 2014
organized by:Department of Psychology (Faculty of Arts UO)
web: konferencepomahani.osu.cz
The Changing Landscape of Professional Discourse / Fachkommunikation im Wandel
date: 06. 11. 2014 - 08. 11. 2014
place:Centrum výzkumu odborného jazyka FF OU
description:This conference is organized by the University of Ostrava’s Centre for the Research of Professional Language / Zentrum für Fachsprachenforschung, which was set up in 2011 to coordinate a team of linguists researching professional communication in the English and German languages. The November 2014 conference aims to provide a forum for linguists to present their research exploring the vast, varied and developing area of professional discourse – sharing ideas and discussing their findings, methods, and future plans. The work of the Ostrava Centre draws on both German and English approaches to linguistic research; these distinct traditions interact, complement and enrich each other to provide valuable new insights into the rapidly changing landscape of professional language and discourse.
organized by:Centre for the Research of Professional Language (Faculty of Arts UO),
Department of German Studies (Faculty of Arts UO)
web: konference.osu.cz/professionaldiscourse/
Mezinárodní vědecká konference Inkluzivní vzdělávání v globálních a užších kontextech
date: 04. 12. 2014
place:aula OU (Building B)
organized by:Department of Special Pedagogy (Pedagogical Faculty UO)
web: projekty.osu.cz/svp/ka3-konference-mezinarodni.php

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