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Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology


About the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology

The Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology provides studies in the following accredited degree programmes (non-teacher-training programmes): Physical Geography, Cartography and Geoinformatics, Protection and Landscape Forming, and doctoral studies of Environmental Geography.

The Department also provides tuition of physical-geographical, geoecological, geological, cartographical, and geoinformational disciplines for studies of geography (in combination with another major) and in other geographical fields of study of the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development.

Graduates of the Master’s programme in Physical Geography and Geoecology (and possibly graduates of other related disciplines) can take the natural sciences qualification examinations for the RNDr. (pre-doctorate, post-Master’s) degree.

The Department also provides doctoral studies in the programme Environmental Geography for the PhD degree.

In addition to well-equipped classrooms, the majority of teaching is carried in specialized laboratories. A great deal of students’ time is devoted to outdoor field research.

The research at the Department is focused as follows:

  • Hydrology: anthropogenic changes to the hydrological regime, hydrology of urban areas, modelling of hydrological processes, map creation with hydrological content (focusing on the River Odra).
  • Geomorphology, geoecology: geomorphology and geoecology of alpine-type sediment ranges, tectonic geomorphology and neotectonics, dynamical geomorphology, geochronology of slope deformations, geomorphological risks, fluvial systems (geomorphological regime, revitalization), geomorphological and geoecological mapping, environmental application of geomorphology and geoecology.
  • Cartography and geoinformatics: thematic map creation; theory of map language; small area atlas creation; distant survey of the Earth (multi-temporal analysis); mathematical cartography, surveying methods; modelling in hydrology using the GIS

The Department cooperates in tuition and research with universities in the Czech Republic and abroad (Denmark, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland, etc.).

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