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Project details

Place Names as a Significant Component of Cultural Heritage and an Important Source of Local, Regional, and National Identity. Preparing Guidelines for the Preservation of Place Names.
Project Identification:MK-DF11P01OVV022
Beginning of the project:27. 01. 2011
Completion of the project:31. 12. 2014
OU Faculty/Unit:Faculty of Arts
OU Investigator:doc. Mgr. Jaroslav David, Ph.D.

The goal of this project is to contribute to the preservation of place names as a significant component of cultural heritage and an important source of local, regional, and national identity. The means to this goal include the preparation of certified guidelines for the preservation and presentation of place names to be used by town and village authorities and other institutions (schools, museums, libraries, archives, etc.), the preparation of exhibitions for the general public and the preparation of maps and cartographic guidelines for place names. Further outputs of this project include a book and several articles and conference papers. The project will be carried out in selected towns and villages, using qualitative as well as quantitative research methods and in cooperation with local social actors.
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