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Project details

Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe - CiCe5
Project Identification:517961-LLP-1-2011-1-UK-Erasmus - ENW
Beginning of the project:01. 11. 2011
Completion of the project:31. 10. 2014
OU Faculty/Unit:Faculty of Social Studies
Řešitel na OU:doc. PhDr. Jelena Petrucijová, CSc.

CiCe is a well established multidisciplinary Academic Network that links together institutions (universities, HE colleges, NGOs) that focus on citizenship education and the development of identities in young people. Our partners are involved in teacher education; the education of social pedagogues; early childhood education; youth work and other professional disciplines concerned with what and how children and young people learn about their society; they reflect a range of academic disciplines including psychology, sociology, history, geography, science, media and aesthetics, art and visual learning, politics, and others. We are primarily concerned with curriculum and processes for Higher Education students, from undergraduate to PhD level, but our academic focus also necessitates concern with teaching and learning at pre-school, school and tertiary level as well as in in-formal and non formal settings (for further details visit our website: cice.londonmet.ac.uk).
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