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"Spatial and temporal variation of rock mass sagging in the Tatra Mountains (Western Carpathians)
Project Identification: 13-15123S
Beginning of the project: 1.2.2013
Completion of the project: 31.12.2016
OU Faculty/Unit: Faculty of Science
OU Investigator:prof. RNDr. Tomáš Pánek, Ph.D.

Rock mass sagging and catastrophic slope failures (landslides, debris flows, rockfalls etc.) are characteristic, but chronologically enigmatic, processes affecting elevated ridges of the highest mountains in the Western Carpathians. The aim of the project is to determine the chronological evolution of sagging-type rock slope failures and large mass movements in the context of the chronology of glaciation and other Late Glacial/Holocene environmental events using the example of the Tatra Mountains (Slovakia, Poland). The determination of the key preparatory and triggering factors of rock slope instabilities will be performed by the reconstruction of the chronologies involving gravitational and glacial landforms and utilization of sedimentary records within available sedimentary sinks. The main methodological approaches will comprise geomorphic and sedimentary analyses, relative and numerical dating, dendrogeomorphology and geophysical sounding. The results of the project will contribute to general paraglacial models of rock slope failures in deglaciated mountain belts.
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