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Detail projektu

New methods of the surface water bodies morphology measurements and their utilization in landscape and emergency planning
Project Identification: TA04021123
Beginning of the project: 1.7.2014
Completion of the project: 30.6.2017
OU Faculty/Unit: Faculty of Science
OU Investigator:doc. RNDr. Jan Unucka, Ph.D.

The aim of the project is the development and validation of methods and techniques for effective combination of terrain measurements together with the measurement of data on surface water bodies (channel and reservoir morphology) to produce an accurate and comprehensive data set that can be used in environmental protection and the protection of population and socio-economic infrastructure, including emergency planning and management. There is now no doubt that GIS tools and mathematical modelling support activities such as the creation of flood plans, water management systems, operational hydrologic forecasting services and water erosion analyses, improving their effectiveness. Nevertheless, the quality of these outputs for decision support in emergency situations is directly proportional to the quality and timeliness of input data. Bathymetric data obtained from field measurements are at a significantly lower density and actuality due to riverbed dynamics; they have low interoperability and thus adversely affect the accuracy of outputs from GIS and models. The project aims to test various types of measurements in order to obtain morphological and other information on water bodies, to develop procedures and methods for their combination with other available data sources, to verify them using hydraulic models and industrial standards, and finally to visualize the results. The resulting geodata will help reduce uncertainty in GIS and hydraulic model simulations, and they will also contribute to our understanding of the dynamics of bodies in the temporal and spatial context. In this regard, an important attribute is therefore the use of these devices and methods in order to obtain large amounts of data within short timescales and at reasonable costs. Another important aspect is the possibility of combining these data with traditional geodetic methods of river channels; this has not yet been adequately explored and documented.
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