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Why to study in Ostrava?

The University of Ostrava was founded on September 28, 1991. The foundations for the future university were laid on the previously existing Pedagogical Faculty, which had a four-year programme training teachers for the first and second stages of primary education. The University of Ostrava picked up on this tradition and became a humanities-oriented university in the Ostrava region, long associated with heavy industry.

The University of Ostrava is a fast-developing educational institution providing higher education in a wide range of traditional and modern fields of study. The university currently has 7 faculties (Faculty of Arts, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Social Studies) and two institutes (Institute for Research and Application of Fuzzy Modeling and European Research Institute for Social Work).

The university participates actively in mobility activities and research programmes of the European Union and non-EU countries, thanks to which Ostrava students have the opportunity to study abroad and then to return to their home university. The university also accepts students from other universities on a reciprocal basis.

The University of Ostrava places great emphasis stress on international cooperation with universities and scientific institutions abroad. It encourages the constant exchange of knowledge, ideas, information, research staff, teachers and students with the world at large and guarantees equal opportunities in access to education and freedom of research. Currently, the University of Ostrava is participating in 298 bilateral agreements and 39 international contracts with international partner universities.

The University of Ostrava provides its students with a high-quality infrastructure as well as an excellent study environment (including a modern University Library and full computer facilities). Students can also apply for a place at one of the University’s halls of residence.

The university has its own sports facilities which students and employees can use even in their free time.

The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is used for all degree programmes of the University of Ostrava. The ECTS was developed by the European Union Commission with the aim of securing compatibility and uniformity in education recognition for colleges and universities across the EU. This allows students to spend part of their studies at other universities, particularly abroad. These studies abroad are then recognized as a regular part of their degree programmes.

The University of Ostrava’s graduates acquire a standard Czech-language diploma and a Diploma Supplement in English, recognized throughout Europe, which facilitates their position in the European labour market.

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