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The University of Ostrava (UO), with over 9,000 students, o ers a very high quality level of education and research in the humanities, socialand natural sciences, health studies, medicine and the ne arts. Its 6 faculties (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social Studies, Faculty of Education) o er an extre- mely wide range of elds of study as well as unconventional combinations of majors.

As well as being dynamic and inte- llectually challenging, UO also o ers an international environment in which to study, with the university campus spread primarily throughout the old city centre, providing a stimulating environment to contemplate the living arts and sciences. Teaching at UO is research-driven, and its programmes are often taught by active researchers.

The university also proudly presents itself as a university full of leading gures in their elds of expertise who are not only scientists, but also inspira- tional and open-minded personalities with a vivid sense of creativity.

The small size of the university and its relative youth (founded in 1991) allows for a strongly individual approach to our students and exible reactions to the needs of an up-to-date society and labour market. The university o ers not only top quality education, but also many other possibilities for those who wish to ful l their visions: whether it is the possibility to study other languages, found a student organisation, or gain other practical experience. The university actively searches for opportunities for students to raise their quali cations and help them kick o their careers.

At this point the University of Ostrava has established cooperation with several local organisations (such asa local studio of the public Czech Television) that provide students with valuable work experience.But the e ort to o er more doesn‘t only limit itself to our students and academicians. UO also puts emphasis on its 3rd role – after the rst two roles – education and research – itis also an active player in the eldof local social life and culture. UO and its faculties, student organisati- ons and scienti c institutes establish and promote hundreds of public events every year. These include free workshops, lectures, seminars, dis- cussions, experiential events, scienti c adventures, cultural festivals, charitable events, international gatherings, sports and cultural events, art exhibitions, happenings, alumni reunions, concerts, theatre plays, etc.

The university is simply an essential part of the city and its social life, and continues to cooperate with a steadily increasing number of cultural orga- nisations and local institutions. Read more about the UO's 3rd role below at the “UO @live” section.

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